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Annual Symposium

The annual BIOMEDIGS symposium / summerschool is autonomously organized by the students of the graduate school under direction of the student representatives and is dedicated to the support of young scientific researchers.


All Ph.D. students who are member of one of Regensburg's graduate schools for natural sciences (BioMediGS, RIGeL) and are working on a biomedical topic can participate in our annual symposium.

This event provides students the opportunity of presenting their results in the form of talks and poster presentations. Together preliminary data, problems and ideas for further proceeding are discussed. The focus is on sharing experiences as well as on the development of interdisciplinary approaches. Presenting in front of a group in english language is also an important part of the annual symposium.


Among PhD students as well as supervisors the annual symposium is highly accepted, which is attributed to the unconstrained atmosphere. Participants can extensively exchange experiences with other like-minded ambitious scientists. Due to the high diversity of the students' biomedical research backgrounds, the symposium is a perfect platform for discussion of professional and technical questions. The stress-free ambiance provides them an ideal opportunity to train presentation skills and scientific English.

Business contact

Company representatives benefit from the BIOMEDIGS symposium by introducing tomorrow's scientists to their company, latest methods and equipment. Participants profit from these business presentations by the increased variety in interesting program contributions and by getting in contact with the industry.

External Speakers

Thanks to the generous financial support of the Vielberth-Stiftung, former symposia were enriched with presentations of external international speakers. Their expertise and career (especially abroad) is of great interest for young academics.


Thanks to various sponsors, the annual BIOMEDIGS symposium is free of cost to the graduate students so far. The attempt is to maintain this practice by applying for funds at different organizations.


The Vielberth Stiftung enabled the invitation of renowned international professors as key note speakers to join this meeting during the last years.

The conference is also sponsored by the biomedical industry, which presents state-of-the-art techniques and offers advice for those interested in an industrial career.

Furthermore the symposium is supported by the faculty of medicine and special research field projects of the DFG.

Interested in sponsoring future symposia? Contact the BIOMEDIGS student representatives!


Programs and final reports of former symposia:


26./27.09.2014, Tagungshotel Bayerischer Wald in Regen
Pdf 16x16 Abstracts 2014
Pdf 16x16 Final report 2014


08./09.11.2013, Tagungshotel Bayerischer Wald in Regen

Pdf 16x16 Program 2013
Pdf 16x16 Abstracts 2013
Pdf 16x16 Final report 2013


09./10.11.2012, Tagungshotel Bayerischer Wald in Regen
Pdf 16x16 Program 2012
Pdf 16x16 Final report 2012


04./05.11.2011, Tagungshotel Bayerischer Wald in Regen
Pdf 16x16 Program 2011
Pdf 16x16 Final report 2011


12./13.11.2010, Tagungshotel Bayerischer Wald in Regen
Pdf 16x16 Program 2010
Pdf 16x16 Final report 2010

Information on current events can be found on the RiGeL website: www.rigel-regensburg.de
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