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An R package exploring functional annotations to generate biologically motivated splits.

adSplit - Annotation-Driven Splits in Microarray Data

StAM logo adSplit is an R/Bioconductor Package which implements annotation-driven splitting of microarray data into two classes. Functional annotations of genes are used to restrict expression matrices linked to particular annotations. Splits are then computed using 2-means clustering The biological terms used are derived from the Gene Ontology, as well as the KEGG database of pathways.


  • Annotation-based Distance Measures for Patient Subgroup Discovery in Clinical Microarray Studies
    Lottaz C, Toedling J and Spang R
    Bioinformatics, 2007, 23 (17): 2256-2264
    [pmid: 17586546]    [doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btm322] 
  • Annotation-driven splits on microarray data - user's guide to the R package adSplit
    Lottaz C, Toedling J and Spang R
    CompDiag Technical Report Nr. 2005/02 Dec. 2005
    pdf ]


Find the current versions of adSplit on the Bioconductor WWW site:

→ the released version
→ the development version

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