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STEMpope Regensburg

STEM Public Outreach, Promotion, and Equality

Three partners (University of Regensburg, City of Regensburg and OTH Regensburg) teamed up to create a location for extracurricular STEM education: the MINT-Labs Regensburg, a combination of school lab and school research centre: science, crafts and fun for children and young people.

Ongoing operations are financed by the three partners together with districts, industry, training companies, maker spaces, colleges, associations, schools and a foundation. An independent board of trustees from the fields of science and didactics ensures the quality of our events.
And: participation in education must be independent of parental background or income.

MINT stands for Maths, Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Technology - and that's anything but boring! We are not a school and yet we are making the future!