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Viola Zeller Single GaAs nanowire spectroscopy: From 1D quantum confinement to optical waveguiding and lasing 2023
Michael Prager Spin-orbit interaction and gate operation in custom-tailored InAlAs-based two-dimensional electron systems 2022
Thomas Mayer Epitaxial heterostructures of topological insulators: Band engineering and electronic transport 2021
Maike Halbhuber Subcycle dynamics of deep-strong light-matter coupling 2021
Floyd Schauer Realizing spin qubits in 28Si/SiGe: heterostructure gating, qubit decoherence and asymmetric charge sensing 2020
Michaela Trottmann Characterisation of III-V semiconductor hybrid systems for spinorbitronic functionality 2020
Florian Dirnberger New directions for semiconductor nanowires: Demonstrating robust spins and long-lived excitons 2019
Juliane Laurer Spininjektion in Silizium 2018
Andreas Bayer Ultrastrong THz light-matter interaction in custom-tailored semiconductur heterostructures 2018
Christian Neumann Isotopically-enriched 28Si heterostructures for qubit devices 2017
Josef Loher Two-dimensional hole systems in indium-based quantum well heterostructures 2016
Anna Nirschl Auger-Rekombination und Droop in InGaN Quantentöpfen 2016
Joachim Hubmann GaAs nanowires: Epitaxy, crystal structure-related properties and magnetic heterostructures 2015
Michael Schmalzbauer Heterostructure design of Si/SiGe two-dimensional electron systems for field-effect devices 2015
Andreas Wild Development of a robust platform for spin qubits in SiGe heterostructures 2013
Martin Utz Epitaxie von (Ga, Mn)As 2012
Narayan Sircar Group IV all-semiconductor spintronics: Materials aspects and optical spin selection rules 2012
Thomas Zabel Study on silicon-germanium nanoislands as emitters for a monolithic silicon light source 2012
Jürgen Sailer Materials and Devices for quantum information processing in Si/SiGe 2010
Stefan Ahlers Magnetic and electrical properties of epitaxial GeMn 2008


Nadine Mundigl Nanophotonics in single wurtzite GaAs nanowires 2022
Isabella Knott Elaboration of a three-gate-layer design for spin qubits in 28Si/SiGe 2022
Julian Kloiber Electrostatic gating of topological insulator heterostructures: towards lateral topological p-n junctions 2022
Lucia Ebnet Study on spin-orbit coupling in custom-tailored InGaAs/InAlAs heterostructures 2022
Lukas Herrmann Photoluminescence spectroscopy of GaAs nanowires in transverse electric fields 2021
Rudolf Richter Development and fabrication of a direct accumulation mode qubit device 2021
Jaydean (Nancy) Schmidt Controlling the gating behavior in high indium-content heterostructures for spin-orbitronic application 2021
Florian Schmid Electronic transport study of band-structure engineered 3D tetradymite topological insulators 2021
Hedwig Werner Band structure engineering of 3D topological insulator heterostructures 2020
Martin Speckner Designing InAs-based quantum wells for epitaxial superconductor - semiconductor heterostructures 2020
Carlo Peiffer Nonlinear charge sensors for Si/SiGe qubit devices 2020
Wolfgang Himmler Fabrication and characterisation of Sb-based III/V-semiconductor 2D electron devices 2019
Andreas Schmidbauer Electron spin qubits in 28Si: Implementation, single shot readout and spin relaxation times 2019
Viola Zeller Ultrastrong light-matter coupling in Landau-quantized electron systems 2019
Elisabeth Richter Near-surface InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots: from luminescence properties to coupling to bowtie nanoantennas 2018
Johannes Baumann Band structure engineering of the MBE grown topological insulator BSTS 2018
Thomas Koller Modulation der spontanen Emission in GaAs-Nanodrähten 2018
Tobias Weinberger Magnetotransport characterization of two-dimensional electron systems in undoped silicon quantum wells 2018
Martin Wieand Conductance quantization in the high spin-orbit-coupling material InGaAs/InAlAs 2018
Michael Prager Realisation of near-surface two-dimensional electron gases in InAs-based quantum wells 2018
Benjamin Pastötter Oberflächennahe InAs-basierte Quantenpunkte 2018
Daniela Krämer Magnetotransport study of GaAs-based two-dimensional electron systems for efficient field-effect control 2018
Jan König Driving GaAs nanowires into the quantum regime 2017
Simon Schambeck Optical switching of ultrastrong light-matter coupling 2017
Helena Doblinger Elektrische und optische Charakterisierung von Mikrosäulen-LEDs basierend auf dem Materialsystem (Al,Ga,In)N 2017
Sven Dorsch Spininjection in Silicon 2017
Sebastian Schwägerl Gate-defined Quantum Dots in MBE-grown undoped Si/SiGe heterostructures 2017
Moritz Forsch Interface-induced spin-orbit coupling in GaAs core-shell nanowires 2017
Marcel Pozimski Ultrastrong light-matter coupling in Landau-quantized systems 2016
Floyd Schauer Gate-defined Quantum Dots in undoped Si/SiGe Heterostructures 2016
Mareen Schäfer Tunnel structures for spin injection in Silicon 2016
Christian Fritsch Elektrostatische Kontrolle von undotierten Si/SiGe-Heterostrukturen 2015
Florian Dirnberger

Spin Dynamics in Wurtzite GaAs nanowires

Michaela Trottmann Spininjektion in Silizium 2015
Armin Heinrichsdobler Tunnelstrukturen für Spininjektion in Germanium 2015
Florian Pickl Hole-based Quantum Dots in Ge/SiGe Heterostructures 2015
Tobias Hero Optische Spektroskopie an dreidimensionalen GaN/InGaN LED-Strukturen 2014
Juliane Reif Spininjektion in Silizium 2014
Sarah Debler Double quantum dots in a Si/SiGe heterostructure 2013
Andreas Bayer Optische Spektroskopie an freistehenden GaAs-Nanodrähten 2013
Simon Pfaehler Investigation of undoped Si/Ge heterostructures for double quantum dots 2013
Christian Neumann Fabrication and Characterization of Hole Quantum Dots in Ge/SiGe Heterostructures 2013
Benjamin Esser Orts- und zeitaufgelöste Spektroskopie an Halbleiternanodrähten 2013
Patrick Altmann Spectroscopic characterization of a hybrid structure coupling quantum dots to a two-dimensional electron gas 2013
Anna Nirschl Modellierung des elektrischen Transports in blauen InGaN LEDs 2012
Stefanie Obermeier Photolumineszenzspektroskopie an niedrigdimensionalen Halbleiterstrukturen 2012
Michael Schafberger Electrostatic control of two-dimensional electron gases in Si/SiGe heterostructures 2012
Ansgar Donner Gating of hybrid semiconductor nanostructures 2012
Markus Kargl Positionskontrolliertes Wachstum von GaAs-Nanodrähten und deren Charakterisierung mit Hilfe von Mikro-Photolumineszenz 2012

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