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Curriculum Vitae


June 2017–Jan. 2021    Doctor of Philosophy in Greek Philology, Summa cum laude
                                    University of Regensburg, Germany

                                    Thesis: “The Hymnography of the Middle Byzantine Ecclesiastic
                                    Rite & Its Festal Theology: Intsroduction – Edition –

Sep. 2014–May 2020    Doctoral Coursework & Comprehensive Examinations in
                                    Theology Fordham University, New York, USA

Sep. 2012–May 2013   Master of Arts in Orthodox Theology, Summa cum laude
                                   St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, New York, USA

                                   Thesis: “Kenosis & Metanoia: The Acquisition and Actualization
                                   of Knowledge in Origen’s Homilies on Jeremiah”

Oct. 2011–June 2012  Master of Studies in Theology (Patristics)
                                   University of Oxford, UK

                                  Thesis: “The Use and Interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer to the
                                   End of the Fourth Century”

Oct. 2008–June 2011  Bachelor of Arts in Theology, First Class
                                   University of Oxford, UK


Oct. 2022–present      Postdoctoral Researcher (DFG-Eigene Stelle)

   Principle Investigator, DFG Project #507706015: “Hymning the 
   Transfiguration of Christ in the Greek East: Heortology,
   Thematic Development, and Theological Contributions”
   Lehrstuhl für Liturgiewissenschaft, University of Regensburg, 

Oct. 2021–Sep. 2022   Junior Research Fellow

  Centre for Advanced Studies (DFG-FOR 2770) “Beyond Canon_”: 
   Heterotopias of Religious Authority in Ancient Christianity,
   University of Regensburg, Germany

June 2017–Sep. 2020  Research Assistant

   Research Training Group (DFG-GRK 2337) Metropolität in der
   Vormoderne, University of Regensburg, Germany

Sep. 2014–May 2017  Graduate Teaching Fellow & Research Assistant
                                  Fordham University, New York, USA

June–Aug. 2016          Summer Graduate Assistant
                                   Fordham University, New York, USA

Sep.–Dec. 2013           Teaching Assistant
                                   St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, New York, USA


Dec. 2018                  New Directions in Orthodox Christian Thought and Practice

  Invited Project Member, The Oslo Coalition on Freedom of
  Religion or Belief, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

Feb. 2018–July 2020  Contemporary Eastern Orthodox Identity and the Challenges of
                                  Pluralism and Sexual Diversity in a Secular Age

  Project Co-Ordinator & Research Partner, British Council
  “Bridging Voices” scheme in partnership with the University of
  Exeter & Fordham University, New York


June 2022                  Promotionspreis 2022
                                  Der Förderverein der Fakultät für Katholische Theologie der
                                  Universität Regensburg e.V.

July 2017                    Summer Seminar Travel Grant
                                  Tantur Ecumenical Institute, University of Notre Dame, USA

June–July 2016            National Hellenic Research Foundation Palaeography Workshop
                                  Travel Grant

                                   Department of Theology/Orthodox Christian Studies Center,
                                   Fordham University, USA

June–Aug. 2015           Summer Research Fellowship & Professional Development Grant
                                   Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Fordham University,
                                   New York, USA

Aug. 2013–Jan. 2014   Dean’s Fellow

                                   St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, New York, USA

May 2013                    Special Commendation for MA Thesis
                                   St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, New York, USA

May 2009–Jun. 2011   Scholarship
                                   Keble College, University of Oxford, UK

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