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Guidelines for the academic work at the faculty of catholic theology (german)

Gender-sensitive language in our research:

Language influences people's thinking and actions. Knowingly or unknowingly discrimination on the basis of race, class and gender can be (re-)produced through language.  

On the basis of the biblical witness we are convinced, that every person has equal dignity. Therefore we are committed to the cause that "the basic equality of all must receive increasingly greater recognition" (GS 29).

One component of moving closer to this goal is the effort to make all genders visible not only in real terms, but also linguistically in our university work.

For this reason, we recommend the guidelines for the use of gender-sensitive language (german) to all students who are writing seminar papers or qualification theses at our Chair and, of course, we, ourselves, also strive to use gender-sensitive wording in all our publications.

Student Papers and Final Theses

Are you interested in writing a paper, your final thesis or dissertation about Pastoral Theology or Homiletics? Please contact Prof.in Dr. Ute Leimgruber.

General information about the doctorate programme at the faculty of theology and a chart with all important steps to your degree can be found here.

Pastoral Theology and Homiletics

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