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Family Service

Pregnancy and parenting during one’s studies can lead to various and intensive strains for students. However, many women today no longer want to choose between studies and children as they have clearly opted for both. Other women face unplanned or unwanted pregnancies which may result in special problems regarding pregnancy and motherhood. It is a balancing act for students as wells as for members of staff to combine child-rearing with studying, working and earning one’s living. This requires an enormous organizational talent and may mean monetary worries regarding the provision of the family as well as nearly no spare time. This is why Universität Regensburg installed the Family Service in July 2007.

The Family Service is a central point of contact for the topic ‘university and child’.
It gives information, advice and support in all issues around the compatibility of studies and/or a career with children at Universität Regensburg. Our homepage gives you important information, addresses and links to the following subjects: children, parenthood and compatibility of family, studies and career.

Of course we look after foreign children. Most of our childcare workers are fluent in English.

Our offers are in german language. You are welcome to contact us in English. You can also contact our colleagues of the Welcome Center.

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Family Service

Icon of the Family Service

Universität Regensburg
Administration Building,
Room 0.06

Phone 0941 943-2323
Email familienservice@ur.de