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Governing Board

Apart from the members of the Executive Board, the Governing Board also consists of the deans of the 12 faculties of Universität Regensburg and the Women’s Representative. Its members are as follows:

Voting Members of the Executive Board

President Prof. Dr. Udo Hebel
Vice President Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Korber
Vice President Prof. Dr. Susanne Leist
Vice President Prof. Dr. Ursula Regener
Vice President Prof. Dr. Ernst Tamm
Chancellor Dr. Christian Blomeyer


Prof. Dr. Harald Buchinger
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Servatius
Prof. Dr. Klaus Röder
Prof. Dr. Dirk Hellwig
Prof. Dr. Christian Wolff
Prof. Dr. Dirk Steuernagel
Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer
Prof. Dr. Marek Nekula
Prof. Dr. Walter Gubler
Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Evers
Prof. Dr. Ralph Witzgall
Prof. Dr. Antje Bäumner

The University's Women’s Representative

Prof. Dr. Isabella von Treskow

Advisory Function

Prof. Dr. Oliver Kölbl, Medical Director
Prof. Dr. Volker Depkat, Chairman of the Senate

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