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Here you can download various documents and graphics on Administration 4.0 and its key components Process management and Vision, Mission, Values.

Please note: The download material is in German. If you have any questions or if you need an English version, please contact us at organisationsentwicklung@ur.de


OCTOber 2022

Info event about Process management for Executives on 28.09.2022

The executives of the university administration were informed about the current status of process management: Info Event for Executives (PDF)


Info event Administration 4.0 on 28.09.2022

What was discussed in the virtual info session can be found in this presentation.

JulY 2022

#wirgestaltendiezukunftzusammen | Vision, mission and values

To read or catch up, you can find the presentation of the info event Vision, Mission and Values (PDF) here.

JunE 2022

Feedback for Special Envoys

This presentation includes feedback for the UR Department Envoys.

Graphics and Images

Our values presented graphically

"A picture is worth a thousand words"! Feel free to incorporate our graphics on the values of the administration in your letters, presentations, mails, etc:

Appreciation Flexibility Teamwork Competence


Templates for desktop background & co.

To keep our vision always in front of your eyes in your everyday work, there is now the possibility to use desktop wallpaper templates. You are welcome to use them for other purposes as well, e.g. for the lock screen.

Bild mit Himmel und Gebäude     Bild mit Gebäude und Blumen     Bild mit mehreren Gebäuden

Purpose 1                              Purpose 2                              Purpose 3


Autumn Edition                      Winter Edition                       Pure Edition

"Digital" version of the der Vision-Post-Its

To make appreciative feedback also possible via e-mail, we have created an "digital" version of the Vision-Post-Its (PDF). Simply fill it out, save it (or export it as an image) and send it off.

Bild einer Haftnotiz

Leaflets and Information Material

Flyer Vision-Mission-Values

This Flyer will give you a brief overview of our vision, mission und values (PDF)

Info package on process management

Process management in the University Administration (PDF)

Further Information

University Development Plan 2025 of the University of Regensburg

Interview with Dr. Christian Blomeyer, Chancellor of the University of Regensburg: Digitization push under high pressure| MEINUNGSBAROMETER.INFO - DAS FACHDEBATTENPORTAL

Häfler's definition of „Administration 4.0“

Accenture's Blog: Administration 4.0 needs [DISCLOSURE]

Experiences of the central administration of the University of Stuttgart and its Agility Lab

Digitalization in public administration - Institute for the Public Sector

Credit: Julia Dragan

University Administration


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