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About us

UR's Organizational Development

is in charge of managing UR's Administration 4.0 project.

What is OD about?

Organizational development (OD) analyzes and addresses relationships, behaviors, and attitudes toward the individual, the working group, other working groups, and the organization as a whole. Mabey and Pugh identify five distinguishing characteristics:

  • OD is broad in scope and takes a long-term and long-lasting approach.
  • OD applies findings of social and behavioral sciences.
  • OD follows a process-oriented approach.
  • OD requires moderation.
  • OD is participative.

Martina Fischer

Organizational Development, Administration, University of Regensburg

Phone +49 941 943-7411

E-Mail: martina.fischer@ur.de

Claudia Högen

Documentation, Tools, Tutorials

Phone +49 941 943-5309

E-Mail: claudia.hoegen@ur.de  or organisationsentwicklung@ur.de

Martina Fischer (l.) is the organizational developer.

Claudia Högen (r.) is in charge of tool and documentation.

Credit: Julia Dragan

OE's student assistant: Alexander Vikete. Credit: Tanja Wagensohn

Steering Committee

Members of the steering committee are the Chancellor of the University of Regensburg and the Heads of Department of the central University administration:

  • Dr. Christian Blomeyer (University Chancellor)
  • Dr. Anja Berger (Department I)
  • Dr. Sandra Mühlbauer (Department II)
  • Inge-Börge Ilg (Department II)
  • N.N. (Department III)
  • N.N. (Department IV)
  • Alexander Handler (Department V)

Project Team

  • Martina Fischer (Project Management)
  • Claudia Högen (Tool and Documentation)
  • Annalena Hiergeist (Student Assistant)
  • Dr. Andreas Becker (Records Management)
  • Manuela Zachmayer (Training Organization)
  • Sandra Reitbauer (External Trainer)
  • Miriam Stumpner (Consulting)
  • Martina Stelzl (Internal Communication)
  • Dr. Tanja Wagensohn (Project Communication)
  • Selected Heads of Units (Process coaches)

Special Envoys


Mareike Artmann (Human Resources Development)

Department I

Carolin Gabler (I/3) and Daniela Hodapp (I/6)

Department II

Alexandra Franke-Nanić (II/7)

Department III

Michaela Schöfmann (III/3)

Department IV

Patricia Amann (IV/1) and Josef Guggenberger (IV/2)

Department V

Markus Hartl (V/2) and Ann-Kathrin Roßner (V/5)

Personnel Development

Organizational development is closely interlinked with UR's Personnel development.

They focus on Training and Development for University Support Staff and support and promote UR's Operational Health Management

Sounding Board

Prof. Dr. Antje Bäumner, Chair of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Chemo- and Biosensorics, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Prof. Dr. Michael Fricke, Chair of Protestant Theology with focus on Religious Education and Didactics of Religious Education, Faculty of Philosophy, Arts, History and Social Sciences

Prof. Dr. Sabine Koller, Chair of Slavic-Jewish Studies, Institute of Slavic Studies, Faculty of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies

Prof. Dr. Clara Löh, Professorship of Pure Mathematics II, Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Gunter Meister, Chair of Biochemistry I, Institute of Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology, Faculty of Biology and Preclinical Medicine

Prof. Dr. Burkard Porzelt, Chair of Practical Theology (Religious Education and Didactics of Religious Education), Faculty of Catholic Theology

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schäfers, Chair of Real Estate Management, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Heidrun Stöger, Chair of Education (School Education), Faculty of Human Sciences

University Administration


Martina Fischer

Sammelgebäude, Room 4.12

Phone +49 941 943-7411
E-Mail: martina.fischer@ur.de