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National Code of Conduct

In adopting this National Code of Conduct on Foreign Students at German Universities the universities reaffirm their sustained interest in attracting and hosting qualified international students, doctoral students, (young) scientists and researchers. The Code of Conduct aims to establish a "set of common minimum standards" in the fields of Information and Marketing, Admissions, Supervision, Support and Advice, plus "Follow-Up Services", on which international students can rely.

The guiding principle is, whereever possible, to grant international students the same rights as are available to German and EU students, and above this, to offer them the services and assistance that they particularily need as foreign guests.

Universität Regensburg has become a member of this National Code of Conduct in 2009.

Complete Content of the Code of Conduct

Handling Complaints

International students who want to file complaints and request corrective action of non-compliance with the Code of Conduct may contact the vice president Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Korber.

⇒ Contact: nikolaus.korber@ur.de

UR International Office

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