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At the Welcome Center for International Visiting Researchers, we do our best to assist you in finding accommodation for your stay in Regensburg.

The first step to receive our services is to ask your host department at the UR (Lehrstuhl) to send us a request (3-6 months before your arrival) and for you to fill out our registration form (upon request we will send you this form by email), so that we have all relevant information and are able to keep our statistics up to date. This registration will also insure that you receive other services from the Welcome Center, such as relevant notifications and invitations to events.

The Welcome Center can actively search for accommodation on your behalf if you are staying longer than 1 month. If you are staying one month or less, you are responsible for booking your own accommodation. Please see our links to hotels, holiday apartments, and youth hostels on the left. 

General Information

The search for suitable and affordable housing is a basic need that should be addressed several months in advance of your research stay in Regensburg. Please be aware that it is extremely difficult to find housing in Regensburg and rental prices are very high since Regensburg is a popular city. Arrival dates in February/April and September/October are particularly difficult, as these months mark the beginning of the semester, with thousands of new students looking for apartments. We recommend that you begin searching for an apartment (or notify us – see Welcome Center search) at least 3 months prior to your arrival.  

The Welcome Center accommodation service is free of charge for international researchers. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to secure accommodation for your stay due to scarce affordable living quarters. If apartments we know are available for your time period, we will email you details and photos. 

To give you an idea of rent prices (including most utilities except electricity and internet):

In many parts of Germany, it is common to spend 40-50% of your net salary on accommodation. Generally, you should anticipate around € 400-600 plus additional utility costs for a single flat, € 600-800 plus additional utility costs for a two-room flat, and € 800-1200 plus additional utility costs for a 3-room apartment or house.

  1. We would like to remind you that you will need to register your address within the first seven days of your arrival or your move!
  2. Also important is the registration with the „ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice“ for the Broadcasting Licence Fee, which has a monthly cost of € 17.50 for each housing unit.

We are looking for landlords/landladies!

The Welcome Center is always on the search for suitable apartments for international visiting researchers that come from all around the world. What we need are furnished apartments (short and long-term) in best case with internet connection. If you are interested to rent out your apartment to one of our guests, please fill in the following form and send it back by email to accommodation.welcome-center@ur.de. We will contact you shortly afterwards.

We are looking for apartments (are you moving out?)

In the case you were lucky enough to have found a furnished apartment without the help of the Welcome Center, we would really appreciate it if you would contact us before moving out (or ask your landlord/landlady if they would be interested in renting the apartment to other international researchers). Maybe we can add your landlord/landlady to our partners.

Please fill in the following form and send it back by email to accommodation.welcome-center@ur.de.

More information about the Broadcasting Licence Fee

The broadcast fee works like a tax which everyone has to pay regardless whether you live in a student residence or in a private appartment. Every household is charged with a flat rate of € 17.50 per month for all technical devices that are able to receive the programs provided by public-law broadcasting service (ARD, ZDF etc.). The regulation does not differentiate between the number of technical devices the household possesses or whether these devices are used to received the public-law programs.

Many students believe that it is not necessary to pay this fee and that nothing happens if they ignore it, however it is our experience that there can be harsh consequences sometimes. Students who haven't paid the fee have had problems when leaving the country (e.g. at the airport, reapplying for a visa) as the city's registration office transfers the data to the broadcasting organization. Therefore: Don't forget to register for the fee after your arrival in Regensburg and cancel your registration when you leave.

The monthly cost of the German Broadcasting Licence Fee is currently € 17.50 per household, regardless how many people live there and how many devices are capable of receiving radio and/or television signals. The fee is paid every three months.

  • Normally, the tenant registers him or herself with the „ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice" and is responsible for paying the licence fee.
  • The house or flat is rented as a flat-sharing community: the landlord can pay the licence fee and increase the rent for each tenant accordingly. This is useful either for short-term stays (a couple of months) or in the case of frequent change of tenants.

For short-term stays in a hotel or holiday home, the licence fee is paid directly by the landlord.

What is a flat?

It is important to distinguish between:

  • is the rented housing unit a separate flat or
  • is it part of a flat-sharing community?

A flat is (according to the definition of the „ARD ZDF Beitragsservice“):

  • a „constructional self-contained unit, which is suitable and used for the purposes of living and/or sleeping, with its own entrance AND not accessible exclusively through another flat”.
  • A flat-sharing community has a common (living) room, from which the individual rooms can be accessed.

In the case you live in a flat-sharing community (or with your partner), only one of the tenants must pay the broadcasting fee (and the costs should be divided among all tenants). The decision of who should pay the fee must be taken by the tenants.

We have put together an information sheet with the most important details of the Broadcasting Licence Fee.

For more detailed information click here: www.rundfunkbeitrag.de.    

IMPORTANT: Not paying is considered an administrative offense and you will be required to pay a fine.

Photos: Stefan Hanke Photography, Tourismus Regensburg GmbH and Universität Regensburg


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