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Prof. Dr. Andreas Roider

My research interests are in the field of Microeconomics, in particular Organizational Economics, Behavioral Economics, and Experimental Economics.

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Refereed papers

Publications to a Wider Audience

Non-Refereed Papers

Working papers


  • PhD (Economics), 2003, University of Bonn and London School of Economics (European Doctoral Programme in Quantitative Economics).
  • Dipl.-Volkswirt (Master in Economics), 1998, University of Bonn (Undergraduate studies at the University of Tübingen and the University of Texas at Austin).

Research Visits

  • University of California at Los Angeles, March 2018 (two weeks)
  • University of California at Berkeley, April 2017 (four weeks).
  • University of California at Los Angeles, August 2015 (two weeks).
  • University of Texas at Austin, August 2014 (two weeks).
  • Northwestern University, March 2013 (two weeks).
  • Universities of Adelaide, Melbourne, and New South Wales, March 2012 (four weeks).
  • New York University, December 2011 (two weeks).
  • Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, Aug. 2004 - Jul. 2005.

Activities and Memberships

Referee at

American Economic Review, B.E. Journals in Theoretical Economics, European Economic Review, Experimental Economics, German Economic Review, German Research, Foundation, Homo Oeconomicus, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Economic Psychology, Journal of Economics, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, Economics Bulletin, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of the European Economic Association, Labour Economics, Management Science, Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik, Rand Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies ,Theoretical Economics

Program Committees

  • European Economic Association Annual Meetings (EEA): 2009 Barcelona, 2008 Milan.
  • Verein für Socialpolitik: 2008 Graz, 2016 Augsburg, 2011 Frankfurt, 2017 Vienna, 2018 Freiburg.
  • Spring Meeting of Young Economists (SMYE): 2002 Paris.

Some Suggestions for First-Year Doctoral Students in Economics

In these notes you find some suggestions and readings for first-year doctoral students in economics. They reflect my opinion and tastes, which might of course differ from those of your supervisor(s). Here, some of the material cited in the notes is available for download. Comments and suggestions are highly welcome at andreas.roider@ur.de.

  1. Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
  2. Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre und Ökonometrie

Prof. Dr. Andreas Roider

Raum: 412 RW(L)
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