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Frequently Asked Questions


On this page you will find answers to important questions regarding digital examinations at the Institute for Economics and Econometrics. We work hard trying to keep these FAQs up to date. Please be patient if not all information is available at once. In case you will have additional questions within the next weeks that are not answered below, please ask your professor or write an email to sekretariat.kindermann@ur.de.


Which information need to be present on my answer sheets?

Digitalized answer sheets need to contain the following information:

  • The first page of your digitalizes solution is a cover sheet. You can download the cover sheet below.
  • Your name and matriculation number must be present on every page of your answer sheets.
  • The answer sheets need to be numbered consecutively.
  • ATTENTION: You have to sign every answer sheet at the end of the last written line or the last calculation step you made!!!
  • The last page of your digitalized solution is a declaration that you prepared the solution to the exam for yourself using only allowed materials. You can also download a version of this declaration below.

In the toolkit, you can download templates for the cover and answer sheets.

If you do not have the possibilty to print these documents, you are allowed to copy those sheets by hand. Please be aware that all information need to be present both on the cover sheet as well as on the declaration.

You will find additional information about the specific details of each exam on the respective GRIPS course pages. Please read this information early enough.

Can I draft my handwritten solutions on a computer?

You can draft your solutions on a computer, e.g. via a pencil and tablet, as long as they are handwritten. We can not accept typed solutions.

Can I type my solution on a computer?

We cannot accept solutions that were typed on a computer. However, you can use e.g. a pencil and a tablet to draft a digital solution to the exam. Yet, the solution needs to be handwritten.

Which online platform will be used for digital exams?

Take-Home exams will take place on the online-examination-system of the university, as long as your professor doesn't tell you otherwise. You can reach the system via


A detailed description of the technical aspects regarding digital exams will be available soon.

Is there an upload limit for take-home-exams?

The electronic examination system of the University of Regensburg has an upload-limit of 256Mn. This should be enough for your exam. If you experience problems with the size of your scanned exam, please take a look at the video tutorial again. There you will be guided through the process of digitalizing your exam with small pdf sizes. Please also keep in mind that the upload time for a large pdf file can be very long, so that you might not be able to upload it in the 15 minutes time period.

Is the online-examination-system in German?

The language of the online-examination-system is set to German by default. However, you can easily change it to English with the following two steps.

  1. Log into the online-examination-system by visiting epruefung.uni-regensburg.de. Use your university's NDS credentials, like you would log into your university email. After being logged in you should see the following screen (click on the picture to enlarge).

    Now look at the top right part of the screen. There you can open a dropdown menu, which gives you some options to click. Click on "Einstellungen". This will bring you to the setup page.
  2. The setup page looks like this:

    The first item "Sprache" is the one in which you can change the language to English. Select "English" and press the blue buton that says "Speichern". The system should now have switched to English.

What kind of digital equipment do I need?

The minimum equipment for doing a take-home exam is a mobile phone or tablet with a camera as well as working internet connection. You can read the exam off your mobile phone or tablet if you want. However, we recommend to use a device with a larger screen if possible. If you have access to a scanning device, you can also scan your exam before uploading it to the online-examination system. Otherwise, you can use your mobile phone to digitalize your exam sheets.

After the exam time is over you will have an additional 15 minutes to digitalize and upload your exam. Please refer to the bullet point "How much time is there to upload my solution?"

You will need access to a printer to print the cover sheet and declaration. But you can also hand-copy them. Please refer to the bullet point "Which information need to be present on my answer sheets?".

What do I do in case I don't have a sufficient digital device?

Take-home exams are designed such that the technical demands are minimal. Note that the Department for Economics and Econometrics cannot provide any technical support. Please refer to the university's computer center in case of questions and problems.

How much time is there to upload my solutions?

After the exam time is over you will have an additional 15 minutes to digitalize your solution and to upload it on the university's online-examiniation system. Please note that many students might attempt to upload their solution at the same time, which might put the system under stress. Hence, we ask you to start the digitalization and uploading process quickly after your exam time is over. We can't accept solutions that are handed in after the 15 minutes have passed.

What do I do in case of technical difficulties?

If you encounter technical difficulties either when downloading the exam or when uploading your digitalized solution into the online-examination system, there is a zoom-meeting to which you can refer in case of technical difficulties. We will try to find a solution for your problem quickly.

Please note that exams have to be uploaded into the online-examination system. You will only be allowed to send it to your professor by email in rare exceptions and only if you referred to the technical Zoom meeting before.

Also note that every pdf-file stores the time and date at which it was created. Hence, it is a good idea to start with digitalizing your solution quickly after the exam time is over.

Do I need VPN-access for taking digital exams?

No, the online-examination system is also available without a VPN connection to the university.

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