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Online electrochemistry – mass spectrometry

Hyphenation of electrochemistry and mass spectrometry (EC-MS) is a powerful approach to carry out investigations on electrochemical processes. Using ESI-MS as detection system, product species of electrochemical reactions can be identified, so that details of redox mechanisms can be elucidated under well-defined conditions.

Our instrumental methods cover different approaches to EC-MS, based on the direct coupling of electrochemical flow cells to MS, as well as the integration of separation methods. EC-MS using electrochemical flow cells with integrated disposable electrodes and fused silica tubing materials offers the possibility of a very fast detection of electrogenerated species [1]. By the development of different approaches for online coupling of electrochemistry on disposable electrodes to capillary electrophoresis [2, 3] or high-performance liquid chromatography and MS detection, additional information can be obtained by interpretation of the migration behavior. Thus, CE-MS analysis can help in the elucidation of reaction mechanisms [4].

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