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Fraunhofer EMFT

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Since January 1st, 2017 development, tailoring or optimization of cell-based sensors and/or assays belong to the Fraunhofer EMFT range of services. The team on Fraunhofer EMFT site Regensburg offers consulting about suitable transducer principles, selecting sensor materials, functionalization and integration of the sensors in individual experimental settings to data analysis, as well as proof-of-concept studies for special assay or sensor formats and technologies.


  2. Institute of Analytical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Joachim Wegener

Institute of Analytical Chemistry,
Chemo- and Biosensors

Portrait: Prof. Dr. J. Wegener
Secretary Ch 12.1.85

Nicole Guber

Phone 0941/943-4547
Telefax 0941/943-4491