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There are different options to use WiFi at University of Regensburg.


Eduroam offers vpn-less access to internal university services and internet access at other universities.

To setup eduroam on your device(s), please follow these setup steps:

1. Connect to the internet

Establish a connection to the internet via mobile data, StudiWLAN or @BayernWLAN.

2. Configure your device

Please download the proper installation package for your device:

  • geteduroam for Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, as well as Windows notebooks,
  • eduroam CAT for all other platforms.

Start the app or installer, choose Universität Regensburg as organization, and enter your CC credentials. Please append @ur.de to your username, e.g. vip12345@ur.de instead of vip12345. This username extension - called realm - is required for eduroam access at other universities.

3. Connect to eduroam

Please connect your device to eduroam.


  • logging in with your CC credentials required
  • access to internal university services with VPN connection only


  • open network, no login required
  • access to internal university services with VPN connection only

Problems connecting?

In most cases, removing the relevant WiFi profile and reconnecting or repeating the installation helps.

If you changed your CC password and you are using eduroam, your eduroam profile requires the new password as well. Please follow the instruction above to update your eduroam profile accordingly.

Still having difficulties?

Please feel free to contact the Computer Centre's "Infostand" (Infocenter for Students) if you have any more questions or problems. Just write an email and explain your problem. We try to respond to your request as fast as possible. If your problem cannot be solved by email, the team of the Infostand looks forward to consulting you personally and directly on your computer during the opening hours.

email: support@rz.uni-regensburg.de

phone: +49 941-943 4444


Help & Support


0941 943-5555


Room RZ 0.02

Opening hours

Mo-Th: 8.00 - 17.00

Fr: 8.00 - 14.00