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Lecture Series

DIMAS organizes and collaborates on Lecture Series (Ringvorlesungen) at UR. Here you can find information on ongoing and past DIMAS lecture series.

The CITAS pages have an archive of earlier events starting in 2018.

Colonialsm: Different Approaches and Different Areas

DIMAS Lecture Series Summer Semester 2024 | Wednesdays, 14:00 in H22 

Talks are in English and German

Rike Krämer-Hoppe, Professor of Public Law and Transregional Norm Development at DIMAS and the Faculty of Law at UR, is organizing a lecture series (Ringvorlesung) this summer semester. Colonialism: Different Approaches and Different Areas will take place on Wednesdays at 14:00 in Lecture Theatre H22. 

The event is open to the public and all interested colleagues and students. Students wishing to receive credits sign up for the course via SPUR

Each week, a different researcher, including guest speakers, will give a talk addressing colonialism from across a variety of disciplinary and regional perspectives. Speakers include experts in law, history, literary studies and media studies, with insights on India, French colonial territories, relations with indigenous populations in Canada and elsewhere.  

The Lecture Series is supported by the Hans-Vielberth University Foundation.

There will be a tour of postcolonial traces in Regensburg on 17 June at 19:00 (in German). More information about this from Prof. Krämer-Hoppe.


17.04.2024    Rike Krämer-Hoppe | Einführung und Überblick
24.04.2024    Marcus Hahn | Literatur und Kolonialismus
08.05.2024    Matthias Goldmann  | Die deutsche Kolonialgeschichte in Namibia und das Völkerrecht
15.05.2024    Nilanjana Mukherjee  Spatial Imaginings in the Age of Colonial Cartographic Reason: Maps, Landscapes, Travelogues in Britain and India
22.05.2024    Astrid Ensslin | (De)koloniale Navigationsmechaniken in Videospielen
29.05.2024    William Nelson | The effects of Colonial history on the French Revolution
05.06.2024     Kwamou Eva Feukeu | The future as a public good: Decolonising the future through anticipatory participatory action research
12.06.2024    Dagmar Schmelzer | Diskurse zur Entkolonialisierung und Wiedergutmachung an den First Nations in Quebec
19.06.2024    David Schneidermann |  Investment Law's Alibis – Colonialism, Imperialism, Debt and Development.
26.06.2024    Sabrina Moura | Travelling Back: reframing a 19th-century expedition from Munich to Brazil 
03.07.2024    Christina Binder |  Die Rechte der Indigenen und (De)kolonialismus
10.07.2024    No session / Entfällt
17.07.2024    Klausur  / Exam

Additional date: There will be a tour of postcolonial traces in Regensburg on 17 June at 19:00 (in German).

Past Lecture Series | Summer Semester 2023

Climate Change: Action and Law in the Global South and Beyond the West

This lecture series adresses one of the pressing questions of human kind – climate change. It approaches this issue from different disciplines ranging from law to ethnography. Legislation and especially the Paris Agreement have been a step towards international cooperation in combating climate change – now actions and implementation need to follow. Questions about deforestation, litigation, the circular economy, and sustainable urban planning will be adressed in different regions in the Global South and beyond the West.

Where and When? Summer Semester 2023 | Mondays, 16-18  | H14

Organized by Prof. Dr. Rike Krämer-Hoppe (DIMAS/ Law, UR) and Dr. Paul Vickers (DIMAS / ScienceCampus)

Find the programme here


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