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Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme aims to promote the career of new female academics. It is based on a relationship of two people (“Tandem”) that crosses generations and hierarchies. An experienced person (mentor) supports the development of a younger, less experienced person (mentee), for a limited period of time, thus overcoming the usual superior-employee relationship.

More information can be found on the German-language website https://go.ur.de/mentoring.

Benefits & Objectives

  • to increase the number of female academics in leadership positions
  • to encourage women to pursue their academic career

for mentees

  • to support an effective career management
  • to enhance personal, strategic and academic skills
  • to develop management and leadership skills
  • to broaden your scientific community network
  • to gain knowledge on the structures, procedures and rules in the university and academic system

for mentors

  • experience as a consultant
  • contacts with future colleagues
  • gaining new academic approaches and perspectives

As currently the majority of mentees speaks German, the program will be conducted in German. Please contact us if you are interested in the program, but only speak and understand English. Maybe we can organize something similar for you.

  1. University of Regensburg
  2. Equal Opportunities Coordination Office


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Programme Manager

Anna Theresa Wolferstetter


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