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Female Early Career Researchers

UR | Scholarships for Female Early Career Researchers

Bavarian Programme to Realise Equal Opportunities for Women in Research and Teaching

To promote equal opportunities for women in research and teaching, the Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art) is expected to offer financial support for the "Programme to Realise Equal Opportunities for Women in Research and Teaching".

The aim of this grant is to promote highly qualified female early career researchers in their path to professorship by providing financial support for covering the researcher's living expenses. The Landeskonferenz der Frauen- und Gleichstellungsbeauftragten an Bayerischen Hochschulen determines the amount of the grant as well as the underlying funding guidelines.

Once a year, the University of Regensburg - under the overall control of the University Representative for the Equality of Women in Academia and the Arts - awards scholarships to eligible candidates and, thereby, allocates the full amount of funds received for funding purposes. Eligible researchers can apply for the following scholarships which are subject to fund allocation by the ministry and to budgetary approval:

  • scholarships for beginning a doctorate
  • scholarships for completing a doctorate
  • postdoc scholarships
  • Habilitation scholarships
  • post-Habilitation scholarships

The Call for Applications and Funding Guidelines (only German file) 

Contact in case of further questions: 

Scholarships for Completing a Doctorate and Initial Funding for Doctoral Candidates or Postdocs in UR's Financial Incentive System Framework

In UR's financial incentive system framework to promote gender equality, the Faculty Representatives for the Equality of Women in Academia and the Arts have financial resources available which can also be used for scholarships or research assistant positions for the completion of a doctorate, or initial funding for doctoral candidates or postdocs.

As this is only one of many possible use criteria and since the funds are very limited, please visit the website of your Faculty Representative for the Equality of Women in Academia and the Arts to find out whether you are eligible for this scholarship.

Find the Faculty Representatives for the Equality of Women in Academia and the Arts and the links to their respective website here ...

More Search Options

  • The ELFI research database offers information on more than 12,000 research funding programmes from around 5,200 national and international sponsors. Updated weekly, you can search this database for regions, research topics and available support. This database also contains scholarships for students.
  • The University of Regensburg is a subscriber to this service, allowing all UR researchers free access within the university network: www.elfi.info

UR | Travel Expense and Material Resource Funding for Female Early Career Researchers

Issue | To expand the academic profile of UR's female early career researchers, additional funding for travel expenses, material resources, and assistants is provided. Another aim of this funding is to compensate for the negative effects on academic career development resulting from the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Eligible applicants | Postdocs, Habilitandinnen, UR lecturers with temporary employment contracts or scholarships, current mentees in the Mentoring.UR programme. Postdocs with external funding contracts must document that they are pursuing a UR academic qualification. Doctoral candidates may be funded, but they do not have priority in the selection process. 

Funding | Grants are for assistants, travel expenses, and material resources which support early female career researchers who have no other means of funding to expand their academic profile. 

Application deadlines | 01.11.2022 | 01.05.2023 | 01.11.2023 | 01.05.2024

Any changes to the call for applications and funding guidelines are announced at least four weeks before the application deadline.

Find more information and the complete call for applications here: https://go.ur.de/pp3-fondsnachwuchs (only in german).

UR | Financial Incentive System to Promote Gender Equality

The university's executive board annually provides financial resources to the University Representative for the Equality of Women in Academia and the Arts to enhance equal opportunities at the University of Regensburg.

This funding is to promote female early career researchers and to acknowledge the faculties' progress and success in achieving gender equality. These funds are distributed amongst the eleven faculties of the university. Funding allocation is done according to a specified distribution scale which considers the achievements of the faculty regarding the promotion of women in the previous calendar or academic year.

Thanks to this decentralised allocation of funds, the (subject-specific) needs of the individual faculties are taken into consideration more precisely. 

Funding opportunity examples:

  • student or research assistant positions (SHK/WHK) for female early career researchers
  • initial doctoral funding
  • scholarships for doctoral completion, postdoc or Habilitation scholarships 
  • funding for research trip travel expenses
  • external study programme information events
  • literature and software procurement
  • printing subsidies
  • support for female researcher guest lectures or cooperation partner invitations organized by UR female researchers
  • further training
  • faculty equality concept measures
  • Publication translation costs

Contact: the respective Faculty Representative for the Equality of Women in Academia and the Arts

For more information, please access the german website.

UR | Family and Academic Career Compatibility

For more information, please click here ...

UR | Mentoring.UR Programme

For more information on Mentoring.UR, please click here ...

UR | Training Programme

Mentoring.UR provides various training opportunities for female early career researchers. Even if you are not a mentee with Mentoring.UR, you can still participate in its training programmes. Find out about upcoming events here ...

If you would like to receive the current schedule, sign up for our newsletter "Chancengleichheit.UR" to receive regular e-mail updates: chancengleichheit@ur.de

UR | International Mobility Grants

Slider 509x290px Mobilitaetsstipendien

To promote female early career researchers, from 2019 to 2024 the University of Regensburg is offering scholarships funding research stays abroad and promoting mobility and internationalization.

This cross-faculty programme finances longer research trips or stays abroad in order to assist candidates in obtaining further qualification while forming international networks. By integrating candidates into the international research network, this measure aims to support highly qualified female early career researchers in their path to becoming university lecturers. The mobility grant is a university-wide structural measure to promote equal opportunities for women in research within the framework of the Programme for Women Professors III of the Federal Government and the Länder.

For more information, refer to the guidelines for International Mobility Grants: https://go.ur.de/mobilitaetsstipendien.

Application deadlines:

  • 01.05.2022 | 01.11.2022 | 01.05.2023 | 01.11.2023 | 01.05.2024
    for planned research stays in the subsequent semester.

If you have any questions, please contact: Equal Opportunities Coordination Office | Christina Decker | chancengleichheit@ur.de | phone +49 941 943-3581

UR | Academic Research Sabbatical Programme (ARSP)

The University of Regensburg's Academic Research Sabbatical Programme (ARSP) supports researchers' scholarly pursuits and qualifications in the postdoc stage to enhance their chances of appointment to professorships. This programme enables Akademische Rätinnen und Räte auf Zeit or employees who have obtained a doctorate and who hold an Akademische/r Rat/Rätin position to pause their teaching, organisation, and administration duties at their chair for one semester.

Applications must be submitted by May 1 for funding in the following winter or summer semester. A maximum of six grants are funded each year. 

Find more information here: https://go.ur.de/arsp ...

This programme was extended in May 2018 in keeping with the Equality Concept.

UR | Maternity Support

The University of Regensburg provides financial support to accommodate statutory maternity leave (MuSchG, UrlMV).

This university-wide structural measure, in place from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022, promotes family life and academic career compatibility.

This financial support system serves

  1. to compensate for statutory absence or limitation in teaching and research when a full substitution for the pregnant woman or new mother is not feasible
  2. to finance personnel support in cases of individualised maternity leave or to cover experimental laboratory activities which can no longer be undertaken due to pregnancy
  3. to provide financial security for women on scholarship if the scholarship donor does not finance maternity leave

Here you can access the guidelines and application information for maternity support  within the university network (pdf file, 42 KB).

If you have any questions, please contact: Equal Opportunities Coordination Office | chancengleichheit@ur.de | phone +49 941 943-3581

  1. University of Regensburg
  2. Equal Opportunities Coordination Office

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