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Female Students

UR | Family and Studies Compatibility

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UR & OTH | RegensburgEXZELLENZ Programme

The RegensburgEXZELLENZ network was established in the 2018 summer semester for female OTH Regensburg and University of Regensburg students.

Participation in this cross-faculty and cross-university network is invitation-only, extended by a representative of the two institutions to outstanding female students.

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UR | Promoting Female Students in STEM Subjects

The University of Regensburg has initiated various programmes to actively encourage female pupils to study STEM subjects, Furthermore, the UR is committed to the continued support of female early career researchers in these subjects.

STEM at the University of Regensburg - The Network

Under the direction of Dr. Stephan Giglberger (Faculty of Physics), an extensive collection of all STEM activities, projects, and contacts at the UR has been developed.

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CyberMentor | UR and FAU Project

CyberMentor is the largest online mentoring programme for girls in STEM subjects in Germany. Up to 800 female pupils from grades 5 to 12 can benefit from a personal female mentor. These mentors serve as role models, encouraging girls and young women to take up STEM activities, and offer advice on study and career options. This mentoring takes place on a secure online platform through email, chat, and forums, and is supported with a wide variety of information on STEM and study and career choices. Students can commence the programme in March, June, September, and December of every year.

Project management at the UR: Prof. Dr. Heidrun Stöger

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Promotion of Women


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