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Current PhD theses and post-doctoral research projects

Current PhD Theses

Sonja Bayer

Einfluss des familiären Kontextes auf die MINT-Interessenentwicklung [Influence of the family context on the development of STEM interests] (in progress)

Linda Beckerle

The professional (state) self-concept: The central mediator in the context of occupational stress? (in progress)

Bernhard Frühwirth

The gender representations of care and STEM occupations in textbooks (in progress)

Louisa Graeff

Conditions for successful interconnection of in-school and out-of-school STEM promotion with a focus on gender (in progress)

Fabian Heller

Role models: When are they (in)effective? (in progress)

Dr. Marina Kaas

Lurking im virtuellen akademischen Förderkontext: Analyse des Nutzerverhaltens auf einer Online-Mentoring-Plattform [Lurking in the context of virtual academic support: Analysis of user behavior in an online mentoring platform] (in progress)

Katharina Kaifer

Links between fine motor skills and reading across the lifespan (in progress)

Viktoria Karle

Effects of fine and gross motor skills on learning to read and write in the context of embodied cognition theory (in progress)

Shirley Kwok

Wellbeing of East-Asian students (in progress)

Matthias Mader

Implicit theories on mentoring (in progress)

Stefanie Stiller

Soziotopanalyse im Hinblick auf die akademische Lern-/Leistungsfähigkeit im Grundschulalter [Sociotope analysis with regard to academic learning/achievement in children in primary school] (in progress)

Dr. Claudia Uebler      

Predicting premature match closure in online mentoring for girls in STEM (in progress)

Rebecca Winter

Rebecca Winter

The link between fine motor skills and language: Does gesture play a role? (in progress)

Current Post-Doctoral Research Projects

Dr. Daniel Patrick Balestrini      

Assessing environmental background variables important for successful mentoring in talent development and gifted education (e.g., in outlier arts)   

Dr. Tobias Debatin        

Self-concept and educational choices in STEM: A research
program on developmental aspects, interventions, and gender differences      

Dr. Ursula Fischer

On the interplay between fine motor skills, finger counting and numerical processing


Dr. Michael Heilemann                                                    

Key factors for successful talent development in the context of digital mentoring processes                                               

Dr. Linlin Luo

Effective mentoring for talent development in STEMM

Dr. Benjamin Matthes


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