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Since October 2023, the computer science degree program started. In the future, we will  offer the courses Introduction to Cryptography, Introduction to IT-Security, as well as Post-Quantum Cryptography.

Seminar on Foundations of Cryptography

In the summer term 2024, we offer a seminar on the foundations of cryptography (in German).

Bachelor and Master Theses

We continuously supervise bachelor and master theses, also for students from other universities and both for CS and maths students. Open topics are listed here. Of course you can also approach us and suggest ideas for other topics.

Previous lectures and seminars

Winter term 2023/24
Summer term 2024
  • Seminar on Code-based Cryptography
Winter term 2022/23
  • Seminar on Lattice-based Cryptography

  1. Faculty of Informatics and Data Science

Chair of Data Security and Cryptography

Data Security and Cryptography

Quantum and Physical Attack Resistant Cryptography

Bajuwarenstraße 4
93053 Regensburg