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Below is a list of open topics in our group. If you are interested in one of these, please contact directly the contact person indicated at the bottom. We don't have any other open topics at the moment. However, if you have an interesting idea for a master or bachelor thesis in the field of QPC, feel free to suggest this topic to us.

Open Theses

  • Title: Security Analysis of MAYO (Master thesis)
    Description: MAYO is a recently published signature scheme based on multivariate quadratic equations. Its performance and key sizes are compatible to lattice-based signature schemes, including NIST's finalists Dilithium and Falcon. An appealing task for such a young scheme is to investigate it regarding possible improvements in cryptanalysis. Like Rainbow and LUOV, MAYO is a modification of UOV. The past has shown that such modifications can lead to additional attack vectors, that might be exploited. Thus, a detailed security analysis is an important step in the development process of MAYO.
    Contact: Thomas Aulbach
  • Title: Analyzing attacks against code-based signatures (Master thesis)
    Description: Three signature schemes based on codes were submitted to the NIST PQC standardization process. During the first round, all of these submissions have been broken. The goal of this thesis is identify design mistakes made in the development of these signature schemes by analyzing the attacks and looking for similarities and differences.
    Contact: Juliane Krämer (jointly supervised with Patrick Struck)

Ongoing Theses

  • Tim Schumacher
    Post-Quantum Authentication for Quantum Key Distribution,
    Joint with Maximilian Tippman, Universität Darmstadt

Finished Theses

  • Andreas Hellenbrand,
    Performance Evaluation of CSIDH on the Surface,
    joint with Prof. Dr. Reith

  • Michael Schaller,
    Codes from Fibered Surfaces,
    joint with Prof. Dr. Bruinier

  • Erik Kubaczka,
    Analysis of Attacks on Multivariate PKE and KEM in the NIST Process

  • Yulia Kuzovkova,
    Side-Channel Analysis of Post-Quantum Secure Lattice-Based Cryptographic Schemes

  • Yonca Bakanay,
    Security proofs in the quantum random oracle model

  • Georg Wurst,
    Number Theoretic Codes and their application in cryptography (in German),
    joint with Prof. Dr. Bruinier

  • Azar Parishan,
    On the Security Notions for Encryption Schemes

  • Sebastian Schuberth,
    Fault Attacks on Multivariate Signature Schemes

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