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Getting Started

This page provides you with relevant information and links to help you organize your studies. If you have any further questions, contact your student counselor.

Semester Dates

The winter term starts October 1 and ends March 31.

The summer term starts April 1 and ends September 30.

Classes take place for 3-4 months within these periods. See the current semester calender to find out when classes take place, and also when there are official holidays.


To enroll in a course (except lectures) you have to register online via SPUR. Make sure to check the registration period (registration for most courses already starts at the end of the previous semester). If you miss the first session of class unexcused, you are no longer entitled to participate in the class.

Please be aware: registration in SPUR does not mean that you are registered for the exam. This has to be done via FlexNow.

For more information on SPUR (in German).


FlexNow is the university's system for managing your academic records. You have to register for your courses in FlexNow during the registration period to receive the credit points for your courses. The registration period normally starts in the 3rd or 4th week after the beginning of classes and ends two weeks before classes end. Register as early as possible for your courses so that any problems that might come up can be solved in time. It is only possible to deregister from courses whithin this time period. Please be aware that late registrations are not possible.

For M.A. students: You also have to register for your internship and the research colloquium in FlexNow.

  • To register for an exam, click on "Zu Prüfungen an- und abmelden" and log into your student account, check all the boxes next to the courses you want to register for, and enter your password at the bottom of the page to complete the registration.
  • Make sure to note down the "Transaktions-ID" which will appear on the screen after registration.
  • After (de)registering, you can check if this was successful by logging in to "Studentendaten einsehen."

For more information on FlexNow (in German).

Academic English Writing Support

The Academic English Writing Support offers workshops and tutorials for students.


Please make sure to attach this "Plagiatserklärung" to all of your research papers.

MLA citation style

We use MLA citation style in its current, 8th edition. Here you can find more information on MLA style.

German Language Courses

The Center of Language and Communication (ZSK) at the University of Regensburg offers German Language courses and individual consultations for international students.


These maps (in English) or Lagepläne (in German) will help you find your way around campus.