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Exam Registration in FlexNow

1. What is FlexNow?

FlexNow is the examination management system used by the University of Regensburg. All students need to register themselves in FlexNow for the examinations in the courses they are attending (an examination can be a written final exam but also a seminar paper or an oral exam). All of your grades and acquired ECTS credit points are entered and recorded in FlexNow.

Exam registration: What is FlexNow? How do I register for an exam?

Please note: Registration in SPUR does NOT automatically include registration in FlexNow. If you want to get credit points, you must still register separately in FlexNow!

>>> Access to FlexNow <<<

2. When do I have to register?

Registration and deregistration period for summer semester 2024:

April 29, 2024 - July 7, 2024

(including registration for the Pronunciation Exam)

Registration periods for the following courses differ from the one above. Block courses (esp. those in the semester break):

- 35767 British and Irish Cultures (parallel group 10), McIntosh-Schneider: April 29 - August 8, 2024

- 35797 Migration, Displacement, and the City in Contemporary Anglophone Literature, Prof. Dr. Robert Higney: June 7 - July 7, 2024

- 35967 Visual Literacy in the Competency-Oriented Foreign Language Classroom, Dr. Susanne Leikam: April 29 - June 21, 2024

- 35967 Creativity and Play in Language Education (parallel group 8), Dr. Max von Blanckenburg: July 29-31, 2024

3. What else do I have to pay attention to?

  • Please note that you need to register yourself in FlexNow within the registration period to gain credit points. Late registration (after the deadline) is not possible!
  • Do not wait until the last day of the registration period but try to register at least two weeks before the deadline so any problems that may arise (login, missing courses, unclear examination regulations, etc.) can be investigated and resolved in good time.
  • Please also note that registration in FlexNow is binding and that you can only withdraw from the examination after the end of the registration and deregistration period if you have a valid reason (e.g. a medical certificate).
  • Teacher training students should observe the instructions for the module in English Language Teaching (Fachdidaktik Englisch) (esp. registration for internships).
  • After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a transaction ID. This serves as a receipt for the registration. Do not delete this email until after the exam!

4. Who needs to / can register?

  • All teacher training, B.A., and M.A. students must register in FlexNow for the courses of the Department of English and American Studies. Without registration in FlexNow, credit points cannot be recorded, and grades cannot be entered. You must therefore register in FlexNow for the courses in which you want to take exams or acquire credit points - i.e. for all compulsory courses taken in the respective semester.
    Important: Credits will not be awarded if the FlexNow registration does not work, e.g. because prior achievements are missing.
  • Only ERASMUS and other exchange students are exempt from FlexNow registration.

5. Tips for the registration

  • After the registration, you will receive an email with a transaction ID. This serves as a receipt for the registration. If you have any queries with the Examination Office, please quote the transaction ID.
  • Double-check your registration: After each registration or deregistration process, log into the system again and check whether you are registered for the desired courses. There should be a blue question mark next to the names of the courses you have registered for. If something has not worked, you can still fix it within the registration period.
  • For courses with several parallel groups, it is essential that you register for the correct group. If you are unsure which group you belong to, check the course description in SPUR or ask your instructor.
  • If you have any problems with the FlexNow registration, please contact the degree program coordinators, Gabriele Mödl and Claudia Trotzke, before the end of the registration period.

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