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Going Abroad

All students are strongly encouraged to spend an extended period of time studying or working in an English-speaking country.

Time spent abroad does not mean a “loss of time” - not even with regard to the standard period of study. For the stay abroad, one or two semesters of leave can be granted; the advantage gained in language skills and academic knowledge will often have an accelerating effect on further studies.

The stay abroad should normally begin after the 4th-6th semester (often in the winter semester).

Various scholarship and exchange programs are available for a stay abroad. It is also possible to apply for a position as an assistant teacher or teaching assistant at schools, colleges, or universities in English-speaking countries.

The International Office in the Administration Building is the central information and service unit for study abroad programs. Application deadlines (start planning your stay abroad at least one year before the planned departure date!), application forms and further information on the various programs and possibilities are available there, on GRIPS, and on their website. Faculty members of the Department of English and American Studies are also available for personal advice on questions concerning a stay abroad.

To get some first-hand information from students who previously studied abroad: Testimonials can be found on GRIPS.

Application and funding

There are several ways of organizing a semester abroad, some of which include financial support:

  • Application for one of the university places at various European partner universities with ERASMUS+
  • Application for one of the places to study at various American, Canadian or Australian universities that have agreed on a direct exchange with the University of Regensburg. Most of these universities have reduced the normally rather high admission and tuition fees for exchange students to a considerable extent. At some American universities, students may commit to a remunerated teaching assistantship
  • Application for a foreign language assistantship (Teaching Assistant), e.g. in England, at the Pedagogical Exchange Service (PAD) or at partner universities in the USA
  • Teacher training students please also note the offers for teacher training students (e.g. teaching internships abroad) on the website of the International Office
  • self-organized internship in Europe with a potential funding within the ERASMUS program. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis
  • self-organized internship overseas with a sponsorship by PROMOS
  • application for a DAAD one-year scholarship to an English-speaking country worldwide or within Europe
  • application for a binational Fulbright Scholarship --> USA --> Fulbright (only for USA)

Partner institutions

The University of Regensburg’s partner universities and locations are very diverse and include many English-speaking countries (United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, ...). You can use the search engine on the International Office's website to view specific exchange offers.


BAföG supports studying abroad under certain conditions. More details can be found here. Further information on partner universities, exchange programs and funding opportunities can be found on the homepage of the International Office.

Credit Transfer from universities abroad

To get credit transferred from a university abroad, please note that there are certain procedures:

Before your departure:

  • in order to discuss the recognition modalities, please consult with your professors/representatives of each department prior to your stay abroad. The course selection for participants in the ERASMUS and PROMOS programs must be recorded in the Learning Agreement.
  • students should be enrolled at a partner university for one or two semester(s) or term(s). A certificate of enrolment must be submitted.

After your return:

  • please display an academic transcript of your exchange university, listing your attended classes, grades and credit points (if applicable)
  • please bring a course description for each course. A class may be transferred if the acquired skills do not differ significantly from the competencies to be gained at the University of Regensburg.
  • for each course that you would like to get transferred, please submit the respective form for credit transfer, which can be found on the website of the Examination Office ("Antrag auf Anerkennung von Studienleistungen"), depending on the course of study: for B.A. and M.A., for Lehramt.
  • note the additional information for credit transfer in American Studies and the instructions for "Study Abroad" in British Studies.
  • The names and contact details of the professors who you can contact regarding the credit transfer from your university abroad can be found at Credit Transfer. Please note that the procedure can take several weeks and contact the respective professors early.

Undergraduate Seminars and lectures: Students may transfer classes from the 1st-3rd year of study as undergraduate seminars or lectures. Normally, students should be required to write a term paper of approximately 5-8 pages for class. Grades will be converted according to a conversion table that is coordinated throughout the university and continually updated.

Advanced Seminars:  Students may transfer classes from the 3rd-4th year of study as graduate seminars. Normally, students should be required to write a term paper of approximately 12-15 pages for class, or two or more shorter papers, which, in total, are equal in length. Grades will be converted according to a conversion table that is coordinated throughout the university and continually updated.

Language: Students may transfer classes by attending and completing a comparable class at a university abroad.

  • for GLC C: at least two pieces of written work must have been submitted to pass a class from the 3rd-4th year of study. Grades will be converted according to a conversion table that is coordinated throughout the university and continually updated.

Cultural Studies:  Cultural Studies courses from an exchange university may be accepted if graded written work of approximately 5-8 pages was submitted there. Grades will be converted according to a conversion table that is coordinated throughout the university and continually updated.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language: Prior consultation with the TEFL professor in Regensburg is required go get credit transfer for a TEFL class.

Teaching internships: For questions regarding the transfer of teaching internships according to § 34 LPO I, please contact your respective internship office (depending on the school type) as well as the TEFL professors and the Department of School Pedagogy. Contact details can be found on the RUL website at Anerkennung von Lehramtspraktika. General information about the transfer in teacher training programs can also be found on the RUL website.

Electives: Credit obtained at a university abroad may also be transferred to the electives (Freier Wahlbereich).

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