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Course registration

At the University of Regensburg, there are two independent course registration platforms: 

1. Course registration on SPUR

SPUR is used as the online course catalog and also for the electronic course registration. Students who are interested in taking a class can register here and will then be allocated places depending on the available capacities in courses with a limited number of participants. Registration takes place before the start of the lecture period each semester. In the course catalog, students will find all relevant information as to whether it is necessary to register electronically, and when course registration takes places. Further information about the electronic course registration on SPUR can be found here.

Please note that students who have been admitted to a class and are absent from the first session of class will lose their place in the seminar. Students who are on the waiting list and are present can then move up during the first session.

2. Registration for exams in FlexNow

FlexNow is a system for managing your academic records. This examination management system is used to record your grades and credit points (ECTS). FlexNow registration usually takes place during the lecture period. Students must register for all compulsory courses, i.e. all courses in which they wish to acquire credit points, in FlexNow by the deadline. The current registration deadline and further information on FlexNow can be found here.

Please note: SPUR and FlexNow are independent of each other. The registration for a place in a class on SPUR does not automatically include the exam registration on Flexnow. 

Reminders for the registration deadlines in SPUR and FlexNow are sent out via the DEAS newsletter for which you can subscribe here.

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