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Dean of Research


  1. The Dean of Research is responsible for coordinating the scientific activities of the Faculty in alignment with the University's profile development goals.

  2. She provides support and guidance to the faculty in preparing and submitting applications for external funding.

  3. The Dean of Research advocates for the faculty's interests in the allocation of research-related funds. The meetings of the research deans are chaired by the designated member of the Presidential Board.

Funding Opportunities

Support for Graduates and Postgraduate Researchers

The faculty offers the following funding opportunities for junior reserach:

Support programm for the mobility of junior researchers
(Mobilitätsförderung der Fakultät)

Formular zur Anmeldung: (PDF)

Financial subsidies for junior reserachers of the faculty

Research Award of the Faculty

The University also offers funding opportunities through WIN:

Center for Graduate and Postgraduate Researchers (WIN)

Doctural Program: PUR - Promotionskolleg der Philosophischen Fakultäten

PUR - Promotionskolleg der Philosophischen Fakultäten

The „Promotionskolleg der Philosophischen Fakultäten“ is the doctoral college of the philosophy faculties. It was founded in 2008 and consists of the faculty of linguistics, literary and cultural studies (Sprach-, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften = SLK) and the faculty of philosophy, science of art, social sciences and history (Philosophie, Kunst-, Geschichts- und Gesellschaftswissenschaften = PKGG).

The executive board is composed of the two vice and research deans of the faculties of philosophy and two representatives of the doctoral students.

Its main goals are:

  • Development, coordination and realization of further training measures (e. g. soft skills courses and academic workshops).
  • Organizing scientific colloquiums, lectures and conferences.
  • Interdisciplinary networking of the young researchers.

  • Advice and support of the doctoral students in financing and organizing their doctorate.

For more information on PUR, please visit our website


Prof. Dr. Christiane Heibach

Prof. Dr. Heibach, Foto: Michelle Mantel

(Foto: Michelle Mantel)

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