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Prof. Dr. Alexander Tischbirek

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Public Law, especially Administrative Law, with a focus on Digitalization, Media and E-Government


Alexander Tischbirek received his legal education from Humboldt-University, Berlin, and Columbia University Law School, New York. In his legal traineeship (2009-2011), he clerked for the German Federal Ministry of Economics and the German Federal Constitutional Court, amongst others.

From 2009 he was a research assistant at Christoph Möllers' Chair of Public Law and Philosophy of Law at Humboldt-University. In 2014, he was a visiting doctoral student at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence and at Princeton University.

His dissertation (2016) reconstructs German proportionality thinking as the result of various "doctrinal migrations" between the fields of private and public law. It was awarded the Konrad Redeker-Prize and the Carl Gottlieb Svarez-Prize in 2017.

Alexander's research focuses on German public law and EU law, particularly with regards to the law of digitalization, media and e-government, legal digital humanities and antidiscrimination law. Since March 2023, he is a member of the advisory council of Germany's Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency.


English-language publications

"Implicit" Comparativism: The German Federal Constitutional Court, in: Lando Kirchmair/Lisa Lechner (eds.), Citation Networks of European Constitutional Courts: Asymmetrical Judicial Dialogues, Routledge, expected 2024, manuscript 25 p.

From Modeled Topics to Areas of Law: A Comparative Analysis of Types of Proceedings in the German Federal Constitutional Court, German Law Journal 23 (2022), pp. 493-531 (with L. Wendel/A. Shadrova)

Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination: Discriminating Against Discriminatory Systems, in: Thomas Wischmeyer/Timo Rademacher (eds.), Regulating Artificial Intelligence, Springer, Berlin 2020, pp. 103–121 [Standard Chinese translation in prep.]

A Double Conflict of Laws: The Emergence of an EU “Staatskirchenrecht”, German Law Journal 20 (2019), pp. 1066–1078

Racism, in: Mortimer Sellers/Stephan Kirste (eds.), Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Springer, Berlin 2023 (Digital Preprint 2021)

For a full list of publications, please visit the German website.

Invited Talks

Presentations in English

The German Constitutional Court in the European Constitutional Court Network, ECCN Conference, September 2022, University of Innsbruck

Who is to rule the law? State-church relations between the ECJ, the ECtHR and the German Constitutional Court, Workshop "Challenges to the European Rule of Law, July 2022, University of Regensburg

Cognitive Dissonances, European Junior Faculty Forum for Public Law und Jurisprudence, June 2018, EUI (Florence)

Stop-and-Frisk before the German Courts, International Society of Public Law (ICON-S), June 2016, Humboldt-University (Berlin)

Proportionality Analysis and the Public/Private Law Divide, International Society of Public Law (ICON-S), June 2014, EUI (Florence)

For a list of selected german-language presentations, please visit the german website.

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Tischbirek

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