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Summer Term 2024

Antidiscrimination Law, Thu 14-16 (first half of the semester) [in German], Room S 0.13.

Media Law, Thu 12-14 (together with Prof. Dr. Anna Bernzen) [in German], LL.B. Digital Law students and Schwerpunkt 7 (Law of the Information Society), Room W 114.

A contemporary legal history of digitization (Seminar), 4th semester and above, Schwerpunkt 7 (Law of the Information Society; including term papers) [in German], 7/8 June 2024, Room tba.

Reading circle: Hans Kelsen's "Pure Theory of Law" [in German], 21/22 June 2024 (together with Prof. Dr. Katrin Gierhake), Furth im Wald.

Winter Term 2024/25

Administrative Law I (Lecture), Mon 8:30-10:00 and Tue 8:30-10:00 [in German].

Public Digital Law (Lecture), Tue 12–14 (together with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kühling), LL.B. Digital Law students [in German].

Seminar "(Post-)Categorial Antidiscrimination Law?!)", 4th semester and above, Schwerpunkte 1, 4 and 12 [in German].

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Tischbirek