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Open Access Publications

Search for freely available scholarly full texts (open access documents)

  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
    Important index for pure, quality-controlled open access journals, of which the biggest part is searchable at article level with DOAJ's metasearch
  • OpenAire
    EU-project to show open access documents
  • Unpaywall
    Plugin for Firefox and Chrome that checks the free availability of scholarly articles and links directly
  • Open-Access-Button
    Checks the free availability of scholarly articles after entering DOI, Titel, URL or something similar

Also some subject-related databases offer good options to search for open access documents. Examples:

The homepage open-access.net offers both general information about Open Access and a lot of specific information how to search open access material (journals, monographs, research data and portals) in different disciplines.

An additional overview how to search for scholarly full texts is accessible on the website of the Technical University of Munich

More information on open access can be found on the university's websites "electronic pulishing".

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