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Ph.D Svetlana Suveica



Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin (Teilzeit)


  • Southeastern Europe in 1914-1945

  • Romanian and Bessarabian history in XXth century

  • Russian emigration after WWI

  • Nation-state building (1918-1939)

  • Paris Peace Conference and the remaking of Eastern Europe (1919-1920)

  • Social and political transformation of post-Soviet Space

  • History Teaching and Learning

Ausbildung, Funktionen

  • geb. 14.03.1971 in Gaspar, Moldova

  • married, two children


  • 03/1999: Ph.D in History, “Al.I. Cuza University”, Iasi, Romania; PhD thesis: “Bessarabia within the Greater Romania in the immediate period after the 1918 union”
  • 11/1993-10/1996: Graduate Ph.D. studies, “Al. I. Cuza” University Iasi, Romania
  • 06/1993: Bachelor (Honor) degree in History and History education; BA thesis: “Personality and historical process: Mihai Viteazul in European consciousness”
  • 09/1988-06/1993: Undergraduate studies, Department of History, Moldova State University, Chisinau. Diploma of Historian, Teacher of History (graduation mark 9,82)
  • 06/1988: Graduation of Secondary school nr.2 Edinet, Moldova. Golden medal of merit

Additional Educational Experience

  • 04/12/2015: Fortbildung "Seminararbeiten betreuen und bewerten" (8AE), Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsdidaktik, University of Regensburg
  • 30/10/2015: Fortbildung "Rechtliche Aspekte der Hochschullehre" (12AE), Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsdidaktik, University of Regensburg
  • 09/01/2015: Fortbildung "Basiskommunikation II: Präsentation und Moderation" (12AE), Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsdidaktik, University of Regensburg
  • 05/12/2014: Fortbildung "Evaluation & Feedback" (8AE) Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsdidaktik, University of Regensburg
  • 11/06/2014; 17/10/2013: SSPS crash-course, Institute of East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) Regensburg
  • 8-14/01/2012: „Social Engineering and Affirmative Action: Policies and Practices in 20th Century Eastern Europe”, Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching, ReSET-OSI Program, Chisinau
  • 1-8/08/2012: “Downward Social Mobility and Strategies of Resistance and Accommodation in Eastern Europe under Nazi and Communist Rule”, Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching ReSET-OSI Program, Chisinau
  • 1-8/-8/2011: “Social Mobility and Modernization in Eastern Europe in XX Century”, HESP Regional seminar for excellence in teaching ReSET Program-OSI, Chisinau
  • 10/2009-06/2010: Workshops on History education (monthly), Stanford History Education Group (SHEG), Stanford University, California
  • 9-13/03/2009: “Teaching Comparative History in Eastern Europe: Theory, Methods and Case Studies Comparative History”, Workshop on course design, CRC-CEU, Budapest
  • 05-06/2009: “Empowering Educators: English through Economic, Social, Political and Cultural Studies”, Summer School, American Studies Center (ASC) Moldova, Chisinau
  • 09- 10/2004: “World Politics”, Graduat course in International and European Studies, Birkbeck University of London
  • 02/1999: Higher education training, “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania, supported by HESP, Soros Foundation Moldova
  • 07-08/1999: “Global Governance and Human Security”, Summer school, CEU, Budapest

Language Skills

  • Romanian (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Russian (fluent)
  • German (good)
  • French (good)
  • Ukrainian (good)


  • 12/2015: Examiner, Master Studies in History, Specialization History of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Institute of History, University of Regensburg
  • 05/2015: Researcher, Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Regensburg
  • 10/2014 - 01/2015: Researcher (part-time), Chair of East- and Southeast European studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Art, Historical and Social Sciences, University of Regensburg, Germany
  • 09/2008 – present (on leave): Associate Professor, Department of History and Philosophy, Moldova State University, Chisinau, Moldova
  • 09/2008 – 09/2012: Associate professor (part-time), Department of Political and Administrative Sciences, MA program in American studies, Moldova State University, Chisinau
  • 12/1999- 10/2008: Senior lecturer, Department of History and Philosophy, Moldova State University, Chisinau
  • 12/2004-10/2006: Adviser in Protocol and Media, Minister of Justice’s Office, Ministry of Justice, Republic of Moldova, Chisinau
  • 09/2000-06/2001: Visiting lecturer, Department of Political and Administrative Sciences, MA program in International Relations, University of Banat, Timisoara, Romania
  • 09/2000-06/2001: Senior lecturer (part-time), Department of History and International Relations, Free Independent University of Moldova (ULIM), Chisinau
  • 09/1997-11/1999: Lecturer, Department of History and Philosophy, Moldova State University, Chisinau
  • 09/1998-01/2002: Translator (English-Russian-Romanian) (part-time), Notary office Mocanu&Zgardan, Chisinau
  • 11/1996-08/1997: Assistant-lecturer, Department of History and Philosophy, Moldova State University, Chisinau
  • 01-11/1993: Research assistant (part-time), Scientific Lab “Bessarabia in International Relations”, Department of History and Philosophy, Moldova State University, Chisinau
  • 01-06/1992: History teacher (part-time), Secondary school nr. 19, Chisinau


  • 10/2009-06/2010: Fulbright senior research fellowship, Stanford University-CREEES, California, sponsored by US Department of State; Research topic: “The Bessarabian Question at the Paris Peace Conference: The Krupenskii Case”
  • 10/2009-06/2010: Guest fellow, Stanford History Education Group (SHEG), Stanford University, California
  • 04-05/2007: Mobility research fellowship, European University in Sankt-Petersburg, sponsored by OSI-HESP, Budapest
  • 09-10/2001: Junior research fellowship, IRES Department, CEU, Budapest
  • 01-02/2000: Research grant at Open Society Archives (OSA), Budapest




Forschungs- und Drittmittelprojekte

Aktuelles Forschungsprojekt

Abgeschlossene Forschungs- und Drittmittelprojekte

Individual projects

  • Ambivalent reconfigurations of the post-imperial space: Transnational design for post-World War One Bessarabia
  • 07/13-05/2014: Research grant “The Attitude of Moldovan Youth toward Religion and Human Rights”, Alumni small grant programme, U.S. Embassy in Moldova
  • 09/2008-09/2009: Research grant “Teaching, Learning and Thinking Comparatively in the History Classroom. (Anti-communist Resistance in Romania and Moldovan S.S.R., 1944-1989)”, SOTL grant, CEU-CRC and OSI-HESP programme, Budapest
  • 09/1999-06/2000: Grant for didactic activity “Student Research Lab in Comparative History”, Faculty of History and Philosophy, Moldova State University, HESP programme, Soros Foundation Moldova
  • 12/1995-01/1996: Research grant, the National Historical Central Archives, Bucharest, HESP programme, Soros Foundation Moldova
  • 02-03/1996: Research grant, The National Archives of Romania, Cluj branch, HESP programme, Soros Foundation Moldova

Joint projects

  • 01/2011- 06/2014: Researching documentary heritage of the Republic of Moldova, supported by the Academy of Science of Moldova, Chisinau (participant)
  • 02/2010-02/2011: „Nation, Identität, Rechtsstaat in der Republik Moldova. Historische, politisch-soziale Begriffe. Lexikon", sponsored by BMBF Cermany and the Academy of Science of Moldova, Chisinau ( participant), more.
  • 10/2006-10/2009: “Comparative History Project”, research and mobility project at the Department of History and Philosophy, Moldova State University, supported by HESP-CRC/OSI, Budapest, Hungary (project coordinator)
  • 07/2006-12/2007: “Individual and Corporation in the Public Space in Belarus-Moldova-Ukraine” (joint project), CASE Minsk, sponsored by Carnegie Corporation New York (participant)



  • (with Olga Breskaya), Individ i korporatsiia v publichnom prostranstve [Individual and Corporation within the Public Space], Vilnius: EHU Press, 2011, 268 pp.

  • Basarabia în primul deceniu interbelic (1918-1928): modernizare prin reforme [Bessarabia in the First Interwar Decade (1918-1928): Modernization by Means of Reforms], Chisinau: Pontos, 2010, 360 pp.


  • Istoriografie şi politică în estul şi vestul spaţiului românesc [Historiography and Politics to Eastern and Western Areas of the Romanian Space], Chisinau-Oradea. Cartdidact/Oradea Univeristy Publishing House, 2009, 228 pp. (with Ion Eremia, Sergiu Matveev, Sorin Șipoș).

Aufsätze in Zeitschriften und Sammelbänden

  • The Local Administration in Transnistria and the Holocaust: Two Case Studies, Holocaust, Studii și cercetări, vol. VII, nr. 1(8) (2015), 97-111.

  • Perspectives on Human Rights and Religion in Moldova, in Hans-Georg Ziebertz, Gordan Crpic (Eds.), Religion and Human Rights: An International Perspective, Springer-Publishing, 2015, 119-130 (with Vitalie Spranceana).

  •  Între imperiu și statul-națiune: metamorfoze ale elitei basarabene (1918), Plural. Journal of History and Geography, vol. 3/1 (2015), 52-67.

  • Familia Krupenski și elita istorică a Basarabiei. Dialog cu Petre Guran, realizat de Svetlana Suveica [Krupenski Family and the Bessarabian Historical Elite. A Dialogue with Petre Guran conducted by Svetlana Suveica], in Mircea Ciubotaru, Lucian-Valeriu Lefter (Eds.), Mihai Dim. Sturdza la 80 de ani. Omagiu, lasi: Editura Universitatii "Al.l. Cuza" din lasi, 2014, 333-361. 

  • Between the Empire and the Nation-State: Metamorphoses of the Bessarabian Elite (1918), Euxeinos. Governance and Culture in the Black Sea Region, Special issue “Moldova. A Borderland’s Fluid History”, 14/15 (2014), 34-46.

  • Crisis in Ukraine: A Quest for Moldovan Territorial Integrity, Suedosteuropa 62 (2014), no. 2, 208-220.
  • For the “Bessarabian Cause“: The Activity of Odessa Committee for Saving Bessarabia (1918-1920), Arhiva Moldaviae, vol. VI, 2014, 335-350 (due).

  • A Russian Diplomat in Bucharest: S.A. Poklevskii-Kozel and the “Bessarabian Cause“ (1919-1920), Arhivele Totalitarismului, XXII, 2014, no.1 (due).

  • "Entering the EU through the back door"?! Debates on Romanian Citizenship for Moldovans, in Ioan Horga and Ariane Landuyt (Eds.), Communicating the EU Policies beyond the Borders. Proposals for Constructive Neighbour Relations and the New EU External Communication Strategy, Oradea: Oradea University Press, 2013, 262-274.

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  • Îngrădirea dreptului la religie în RSS Moldovenescă: cazul catolicilor reflectat în materialele fondului “Krasnîi Arhiv” de la Arhiva pentru o Societate Deschisă din Budapesta [Restriction of the Freedom of Religion in Moldavian SSR: the Situation of the Catholics according to the Files of “Red Archives” of the Open Society Archives, Budapest], Analecta Catolica, 2009-2010, V-VI, 207-231.

  • Politică şi istoriografie în RSS Moldovenească în anii ’60-’70 ai secolului XX [Politics and Historigraphy in Moldovan SSR during the 1960s-1970s], in Suveică, S., Eremia, I., Matveev, S., Şipoş, S. (Eds.), Istoriografie şi politică în estul şi vestul spaţiului românesc, Chisinau-Oradea: Cartdidact/Oradea University Publishing House, 2009, 26-40.

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  • “... Însăşi Anglia nu ar putea guverna un loc ca Basarabia”: reflecţii ale unui ziarist britanic despre Basarabia anului 1924 [‘... England Herself Could Not Govern a Place Like Bessarabia’: Reflections of a British Journalist on 1924th Bessarabia], in Şipoş, S., Brie, M., Sfrengeu, F., Gumenîi, I. (Eds.), Frontierele spaţiului românesc în context European, Oradea-Chisinau: Oradea University Publishing House/Cartdidact, 2008, 300-312.

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  • Funcţionarul public din Basarabia interbelică: statut şi prestigiu [The Public Servant in the Interwar Bessarabia: Status and Prestige], in Învăţământul superior şi cercetarea – piloni ai societăţii bazate pe cunoaştere, Conference papers, Chisinau, September 2006, II, 2007, 35-36.

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Sonstige Veröffentlichungen und Rezensionen

  • “Russkoe Delo” and the “Bessarabian Cause”: the Russian Political Émigrés and the Bessarabians in Paris (1919-1920), Institut fuer Ost- und Suedosteuropaforschung Regensburg, IOS Mitteilungen. Arbeitsbereich Geschichte, No. 64, February 2014, 53 p., available at: http://www.dokumente.ios-regensburg.de/publikationen/mitteilungen/mitt_64.pdf 

  • Hildrun Glass, Deutschland und die Verfolgung der Juden im rumänischen Machtbereich,1940‒1944 (Germania și persecutarea evreilor în spațiul de putere românesc, 1940 - 1944), München: Oldenbourg Verlag, 2014, 304 p., Tyragetia. Serie nouă. Istorie, Muzeologie, VIII (XXIII), no. 2, 2014, 391-394.

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  • Radio Free Europe despre Constituţia R.S.S. Moldoveneşti din 1978 [Radio Free Europe on the 1978 Constitution of Moldavian SSR], Conferinţa anuală a cadrelor didactice la Universitatea de Stat din Moldova (October 1999), 1998-1999, 284-285.

  • Consideraţii privind primele alegeri din Basarabia (1919-1922) [Considerations on the First Elections in Bessarabia (1919-1922)], Clio. Almanah istoric, 1998, I, 64-80.

Didaktische Publikationen

  • (with Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan), Human Trafficking Research Assignment - Creating a Global Classroom - Providing Collaborative Research Opportunities for U.S. and Moldovan Students, USFSP Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership & Learn and Serve America, 2012, 206 pp.

  • Teaching History in Moldova: Challenges and Outcomes of a SoTL Experience, History SOTL. The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in History Newsletter, Spring 2011, at: http://www.indiana.edu/~histsotl/blog/?page_id=1503

  • Encouraging Students to Study Comparatively: American Images about USSR and Soviet Images about USA during the Cold War Era. In: Crestianicov, H. (Ed.), Ten Years with America: “Sailing Uncharted Waters” (Conference in Chisinau, October 2008), Chisinau: Moldova State University Press, 2009, 85-93.

Vorträge bei wissenschaftlichen Konferenzen und Workshops (seit 2007)


  • 10/12/2015: "Into Liminality and Out: The Bessarabian Elite from the Empire to the Nation-State (1917-1918)", IOS Regensburg

  • 09/10/2015: 1918. O (altă) istorie a Unirii Basarabiei cu România. Dramă în două acte, cu trei actori (Sfatul Țării, marii latifundiari și guvernul român) (1918. A(nother) history of the Union of Bessarabia with Romania. Drama in Two Acts with Three Actors (Sfatul Tarii, great landowners and the Romanian government), Moldovan State University, Chisinau

  •  25/09/2015: Historiography and regional Sources on the Holocaust in Bessarabia and Transnistria, Workshop organizer, Holocaust Seminar for Moldovan history teachers, International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and Moldovan Ministry of Education, Chisinau

  • 09/05/2014: Between the Empire and the Nation-state: A Bessarabian “Drama” at Paris (1919-1920), Berliner Forschungskolloquim Suedosteuropas, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin

  • 15/01/2014: ”For the Holy and Just Cause”: Transnational Desibn for the post- WWI Bessarabian Borders (1919-1920), Forschungskolloquimun und Oberseminar Geschichte Osteuropas, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin

  • 23/10/2013: “Back to the Empire?! Alternative visions of belonging in the post-World War One Bessarabia”, Oberseminar zur Geschichte Suedosteuropas, Ludwig-Maximilians University in Muenchen, Germany

  • 02/05/2013: “For the Holy and Just Cause!”, Centre for Southeast European Studies, University of Graz, Austria

  • 30/08/2012: “Von der Zwischenkriegszeit zur Wende. Parallelen in den historischen Ereignissen Moldovas und Rumäniens”, Internationale Sommerschule “Moldova und Südosteuropa. Historische, politische und kulturelle Gemeinsamkeiten und Gegensätze”, MIL – DAAD, Chisinau

  • 12/10/2011: “Bessarabians and Russian Émigrés to Paris, 1919-1920”, National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism, Bucharest

  • 12/04/2010: “Political Discourse and Historiography Debates: the Bessarabian/Moldovan Case”, East Central European Center, Columbia University, New York

  • 22/01/2010: “Political Discourse, Historiography Debates and Archival Documents: the Bessarabian/Moldovan Case”, CREEES, Stanford University, California

Vorträge bei Konferenzen und Workshops

  • 22/11/2015: "Historical Facts, Cognitive Artefacts, and Propaganda: Professional Experts an the Bessarabian Case at Paris (1919)", The ASEEES Annual Convention "Fact", Philadelphia

  • 02/06/2015: Unirea și marii latifundiari: Discuțiile dintre Constantin Stere și Panteleimon V. Sinadino (1918), international conference ”Constantin Stere – jurist, profesor universitar, publicist, prozator și om politic”, Institut of History, Moldovan Academy of Sciences and Institute of History ”A.D. Xenopol” Iasi, Romanian Academy of Science, Chișinău

  • 29/05/2015: Negotiating Loyalty: Bessarabian Germans from the Russian Empire to the Romanian Nation-State (1914-1919), international conference "Zerrissene Loyalitäten: Politische und kulturelle Orientierungen im Ersten Weltkrieg", IKGS München and Cernovitsi National Universität "Iuri Fedkovich", Cernovitsi

  • 25/05/2015: "... Honored to Report that I Have Inquired and Verified": Local Public Administration in Transnistria and the Holocaust, 1941-1944, international conference "The Holocaust in Southeastern Europe", Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, USHMM Washington D.C. und "Elie Wiesel" National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania, Bucharest

  • 01/08/2014: „Changing Fronts, Neogtiationg Loyalties. Local Administration of Bessarabia and Transnistria in WWII (1939-1945)”, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Workshop „Holocaust in Eastern Europe”, Washington D.C. (contributor)

  • 15/04/2014: „Alternative Visions of Belonging in the post-World War I Bessarabia”, Rumaenischer Abend, IOS Regensburg – Institut fuer Romanistik, University of Regensburg (contributor)

  • 14/02/2014: ”Negotiating Loyalties, Building Networks: the ”Russian Cause” for Bessarabia after World War One (1919-1920) - conferința internaționala ”Political Mobilization in Central and Southeast Europe, Institut fuer Ost-und Suedosteuropaforschung Regensburg - Herder Institut Marburg, IOS Regensburg, Germany (contributor)

  • 20-22/09/2013: “Continuity and/or Change?! A.N. Krupenskij and the ‘Russian project’ for Bessarabia”, conference “Historical Turning Points and Biographical Experience: Eastern Europe after the Collapse of Empires (1917-1921)”, Institut für Kultur und Geschichte der Deutschen in Nordosteuropa e. V. (IKGN e.V.) an der Universität Hamburg - Nordost-Institut, Lueneburg, Germany (contributor)

  • 11-13/09/2013: “Reviving Greater Russia, Reconfiguring Regional Borders? A “Russian Project” for post-World War One Bessarabia”, conference “Untergangsszenarien und Zukunftvisionen in den Imperien des Oestlichen Europa (1830-1920)”, Herder-Institut fuer historische Ostmitteleuropaforschung, Marburg, Germany (contributor)

  • 21-22/06/2013: “Alternative Vision of Belonging in the post-World War One Bessarabia”, Black Sea Link Symposium “Agents or Objects? Rethinking some Chapters of the History of the Black Sea Region (1812-2012)”, New Europe College, Bucharest, Romania (contributor)

  • 10/06/2013: “Entering the EU through the back door"?! Debates on Romanian citizenship for Moldovans”, dissemination workshop of the research project ‘Inititative and Constraint in the Mapping of Evolving European Borders (ICMEEB)’, Jean Monnet Programme Joint grant, K1 activity (200599-LLP-1-2011-1-RO-AJM-RE), supported by EACE-EU, Chisinau (organizer, panel moderator and contributor)

  • 09-12/12/2012: “Human rights and religion in Moldova”, conference “Religion and Human Rights in Europe 2.0 (RHR)”, University of Wuerzburg (contributor)

  • 07/12/2012: “Entering the EU through the back door"?! Debates on Romanian citizenship for Moldovans”, conference „Rumänien zwischen Einheitsvorstellung und Vielfalt“, Universitaet Regensburg – IOS Regensburg, Germany (contributor)

  • 12-13/09/2012: “Debates on Romanian Citizenship for Moldovans”, “Sprachkonflikt und der Streit um die mehrfache Staatsbürgerschaft in der Republik Moldau”, Moldova Institut Leipzig (MIL) – DAAD, Chisinau (contributor)

  • 22/03/2012: “Creating a Global Classroom, Acknowledging Social Issues: a Moldovan - American Experience”. Conference “Distance Learning, American Models of teaching in Law Schools”, Moldova State University, Chisinau (contributor)

  • 18/02/2012: “Creating a Global Classroom: Providing Collaborative Research Opportunities for U.S. and Moldovan Students”, APSA Teaching and Learning Conference, Washington D.C., (with J. Scourfield McLauchlan) (contributor via skype)

  • 10/02/2012: “The Transnational Construction of Borders after World War One: the Case of Bessarabia”, Forschungskolloqvium “Neue Perspektiven in der Suedost- und Osteuropaeischen Geschichte”, University of Regensburg – IOS, Regensburg (contributor)

  • 01/12/2011: “The Moldovans – A Nation?!” Inaugural conference, launching of the European Association of US Alumni (ENAM), Rome (opening round table contributor)

  • 19/11/2011: “Fighting for the “Russian Bessarabia”: Backstage Diplomacy and Propaganda during the Paris Peace Conference of 1919-1920”, ASEEES annual convention “Authorities”, Washington D.C. (contributor)

  • 05/09/2011: “On double citizenship of Moldovans”, workshop in Chisinau ‘Nationale Minderheiten und Menschenrechte im Kontext der europäischen Integration in der Republik Moldova’, DAAD-University of Leipzig (contributor)

  • 08-09/04/2011: “Bessarabia in the first Interwar Decade: Modernization by Means of Reforms” and “From MSSR to Moldova”, Doctoral workshop ‘The comparative perspective on Bessarabia and Lithuania’, Vienna Doctoral College for ‘European Historical Dictatorship and Transformation Research’, University of Vienna, April 6-8 2011(contributor and expert)

  • 06-07/05/2011: “History education: the Moldovan case” and “Democracy in Moldova”, international conference ‘The German Fulbright Alumni Association at 25: Shaping a Changing World’, Berlin (round table moderator, closing table panellist, and contributor)

  • 11/12/2010: “Go SOTL! A Manifest for researching teaching and learning”, conference ‘Strengthening Democracy through Civic Engagement’, American Studies Center - IREX Moldova, Chisinau (organizer and contributor)

  • 02/12/2010: “The concept of property rights in Bessarabia and Moldova”, workshop ‘The History of Social-Political Concepts’, Moldova-Institut Leipzig (contributor)

  • 20/10/2010: “Thinking Comparatively in Moldovan History Classroom”, ISSOTL annual convention‘Global Theories and Local Practices: Institutional, Disciplinary and Cultural Variations’, Liverpool (contributor)

  • 24/09/2010: “British and American Archives for the study of Bessarabien History”, round table “Access to the archives of Republic of Moldova: Realities and Prospects”, Moldova State University – National Archives of Republic of Moldova, Chisinau (contributor)

  • 09/10/2010: “Union of Bessarabia with Romania and Bessarabian landowners: the Sinadino case”, international conference ‘Romanian Space between Imperial Frontiers’, Moldova State University, Chisinau (contributor)

  • 18-19/09/2010: “Russian Political Conference and Bessarabian issue, 1919”, conference ‘Foreign and Romanian diplomats in Romanian History’, Institute of History, The Academy of Science of Romania, Iasi (contributor)

  • 22/04/2010: “Teaching comparatively in Moldovan history classroom”, Stanford History Education Group (SHEG), Stanford University, California (contributor)

  • 01/11/2009: “Encouraging Students to Study Comparatively: American Images about the USSR and Soviet Images about the USA during the Cold War Era”, international conference “Ten Years with America: “Sailing Unchartered Waters”, International Conference, 10th Anniversary of the American Studies Centre of Moldova 1998-2008, Chisinau (contributor)

  • 09/12/2008: “Politics and Historiogrpahy in Moldavian SSR”, “Historiography and Politics in Western and Eastern Parts of Romanian Space”, conference within CEU-HESP Comparative History Project, Moldova State University, Chisinau (organizer and contributor)

  • 06/01/2007: “Encouraging Students to Study Comparatively at Moldova State University”, “Comparative History: Theory and Practice”, workshop within CEU-HESP Comparative History Project, coordinated by Department of History, CEU, Budapest, sponsored by HESP-OSI Budapest (organizer and contributor)


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University of Regensburg

  • Holocaust in Southeastern Europe, HS (SS 2016) (En)
  • Entangled History(ies) of Russia and Germany (1914-1945), Hauptseminar (WS 2014/15) (En)
  • 1914-1918 as Rupture: The Reconfiguration of Eastern and Southeastern Europe after the World War I (with Prof. Dr. Ulf Brunnbauer) (Sommersemester 2013/2014) (En)

Moldova State University, Chisinau, Moldova

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  • Comparative Method in the Study and Research of East European history (Rom)
  • Anti-communist Resistance in Romania and Moldovan SSR in Comparison (1944-1989) (Rom/Rus)

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  • Professional Ethics of a Historian (Rom/Rus)
  • Introduction in History (Rus/Rom)
  • Ideology and Politics in Romania (1944-1989) (Rom/Rus)

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  • American Society and Culture during the Cold War (En)
  • American Higher Education: History and today Challenges (En)

Free International University of Moldova (ULIM), Chisinau, Moldova

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