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Welcome to the Department of Philosophy

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Weyma Lübbe
Office: Ulrike Bergmann, ‘PT’ building, room 4.3.33

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Chair for Practical Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Weyma Lübbe
‘PT’ building, room 4.3.32 | phone +49 941 943-3654 | e-mail

Chair for History of Science
Prof. Dr. Omar W. Nasim
‘PT’ building, room 4.3.7 | phone +49 941 943-3659 | e-mail

Chair for Theoretical Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Hans Rott
‘PT’ building, room 4.3.5 | phone +49 941 943-3660 | e-mail

Chair for History of Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Daniel Eggers
‘PT’ building, room 4.3.28 | phone +49 941 943-3651 | e-mail

We offer a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s programme in philosophy and history of science. For more information go to www.ur.de/philosophiestudium. If you are a student from abroad, you may find the university’s International Office web site helpful.

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Department of Philosophy


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phone +49 941 943-3654
fax +49 941 943-1984