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Institut für Theoretische Physik
Universität Regensburg
Universitätsstrasse 31
93053 Regensburg

Chair secretaries

Chair Schäfer Monika Maschek Maschek M3

Phone: +49 941 943-2008
Fax:     +49 941 943-3387
E-mail: monika.maschek(at)ur.de

room PHY 4.1.06

Chair Braun,
Chair Wettig
Heidi Decock Decock H5

Phone: +49 941 943-2006
Fax:     +49 941 943-1734
E-mail: heidi.decock(at)ur.de

room PHY 4.1.14

How to reach us

by train

How to reach us by train

The university is located at the south end of Regensburgwithin walking distance (appr. 30 min) of the city centre and can be easily reached by bus (10 min, see below.)

It is possible to get from the train station (see the time table of the Deutsche Bahn AG) to the university either by bus line number 6 (direction Klinikum) or 11 (direction Burgweinting). The distance from the train station to the bus terminal " Bustreff Albertstrasse" (see map) is appr. 100 m. Both lines leave the bus terminal at a stop located around the corner at the east end (turn right coming from the train station) of the terminal. Get off at the stop "Universität".

Our institute is marked with color on the campus map. Coming from the bus stop you will reach the physics building by walking through the mathematics building.

Busses leave in both directions between 5.30 a.m. and 11:50 p.m. normally every 20 minutes, number 6 at busy times (in the morning and late afternoon) every 10 minutes.

by car

How to reach us by car

The motorways A3 and A 93 will take you to Regensburg. You will get to the university’s underground car park via Albertus-Magnus-Straße that runs underneath the campus. At the moment there are several construction sites on the campus. The undergroundparking is therefore closed until July 2020. You can use the two new parking garages in the street "Am BioPark". For more information please check the University hompages and see this map of the University and Autobahn-junctions around Regensburg.

Coming from Munich:
Follow Autobahn A9 to Dreieck Holledau, then follow A93 to Regensburg. At the Autobahn-junction Regensburg follow A3 direction Passau to Exit 100a "Regensburg-Klinikum/-Universität", then follow the signposts ("Universität").

Coming from Nürnberg:
Follow Autobahn A3 to Regensburg, Exit 100a "Regensburg-Klinikum/-Universität", then follow the signposts ("Universität").

Coming from Chemnitz, Hof:
Follow Autobahn A93 to the Autobahn-junction Regensburg, then follow A3 direction Passau, Exit 100a "Regensburg-Klinikum/-Universität", then follow the signposts ("Universität").

Coming from Passau:
Follow Autobahn A3 to the Exit 100a "Regensburg-Klinikum/-Universität", then follow the signposts ("Universität").

Parking at Universität Regensburg

Car parking is provided on campus for the use of staff, students and visitors. There are no parking fees. You may only park on reserved parking bays if you have a special permit.

Never park on the forum (the paved area between the main buildings), on grass verges or any areas that are not designated for parking. If you need to drive on the forum, you must apply for a special permit.

University Parking Regulations (in German) (PDF/29 KB)

Underground car parks and parking garages - opening times

The underground car parks and parking garages are normally open at the following opening hours:

Monday - Friday, 6.30 a.m. – 0.30 a.m.
Saturday, 6.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

When there are events in the Audimax, the underground car parks and parking garages normally are open till 0.30 a.m. on weekends as well.

Note: The underground car park "West" is closed as of July 2018. Please use the new parking garages.

Towed vehicles

Never park in areas set aside for special users or in disabled parking bays without a special parking permit. If you do, you may be towed away.

Towed vehicles will be taken to the alternative car park near the building "CH 32" (Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy). It can be reached through the street "Am BioPark" (formerly Josef-Engert-Straße). To reclaim your towed vehicle, please telephone the towing service on 0172 8128601. You will be provided with a lock code so you can retrieve your car.

How to find the car park for towed vehicles (PDF/1 MB)

by plane

How to reach us by plane

The largest airport close to Regensburg is Airport "Franz-Josef-Strauß" Munich. There are several options how to get from the Munich Airport to Regensburg:

Direct shuttle service: call the "airportliner" at +49 (0)941 22220 or use the online booking system and make a reservation about 3 days in advance (the price for a one-way ticket is € 46).

Airport Express Train: Since December 2018 there is a new train directly from Munich Airport Terminal to Regensburg Hbf (mainstation), operated by Deutsche Bahn. You can find some information (only in German) here  The price is approximately € 25.

Travelservice / information on trains see Deutsche Bahn

Alternativlely: Take bus number 635 to Freising station (appr. 15 min) from there take the train to Regensburg main station (appr. 1 hour). The transfer takes appr. 1,5 hours (depending on the connections) and the price is appr. € 25.

The airport Nuremberg is much smaller but as close as the airport in Munich. From there take the subway U2 to Nuremberg main train station (appr. 15 min) and then take the train to Regensburg (appr. 1 hour). Price: appr. € 26.

Travelservice / information on trains see Deutsche Bahn



High Energy Physics

Secretary: +49 941 943 -

Heidi Decock: -2006
Monika Maschek: -2008

Quarks, gluons etc. in 1+3 dimensions