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Tan Qian

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Von 2012-2015 absolvierte Tan Qian ein Ph.D. Programm an der Southeast University, School of Law mit den Schwerpunkten Constitutional Law und Human Rights.

Seit 2016 ist sie Postdoc an der Nanjing University, School of Government. Zu ihren Forschungsschwerpunkten zählen Constitutional Law, Human Rights und Government Management.


  • The constitutional protection of the ecological environment - centered on the 26th article of the constitution of our country (Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology).
  • The Systematic Guarantee of Fundamental Rights and Its Problems - Taking Citizen 's Labor Right as an Example (Law and Social Development).
  • Analysis of the Institutional Protection for Fundamental Rights (Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute).
  • Discussing the National Obligations in the Realization of Social Security Rights using the New Rural Cooperative Medical System as example (Chinese Health Economics).
  • Rely on, Respect, Develop Human - Comparative Advantages of Chinese (Reformation & Strategy).
  • The New Rural Cooperative Medical Care countermeasures of Xiangyun county in Yunnan Province (master's thesis).
  • The Analysis of Financing Predicament and Legal Countermeasures for the New Rural Cooperative Medical Care in Julong (Journal of Yunnan Agricultural University).
  • Research on State Protect Obligations of the Citizen’s Environment Right from the Constitution Horizon.

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  2. Öffentliches Recht

Tan Qian