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Roll-out 2022-2023

                                                                                                       Credit: Julia Dragan

The processes to be optimized as of fall 2022 are of great concern to many within the administration and their clients at the faculties - students and scientists alike:

  • Hiring process for non-scientific employees (process coach: Katharina Pakosch)
  • Application for the establishment of a cost center (process coach: Bianca Amann)
  • Compensation for disadvantages under examination law (process coach: Ariane Dörr)
  • Scholarship procedure - from application to notification (process coach: Milena Groitl)
  • Renting of the Audimax (process coach: Robert Erndt)
  • Processing of towing procedures (process coach: Verena Kumpfmüller)
  • Redesign of notifications regarding disruptions or necessary cleaning work on campus (process coach: Felix Emersleben)
  • Student communication (process coach: Carolin Gabler)

The process mapping workshops will take place between October 2022 and February 2023.

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