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Philipp Schwartz Initiative

Within the framework of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative universities and research institutions in Germany can apply to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for federal funds to host researchers at risk.

Researchers who are demonstrably at risk – irrespective of discipline and country of origin – are eligible for sponsorship under the Initiative. Self-applications by researchers themselves are not possible. Institutions that are successful in their applications will be able to provide nominated at-risk individuals with up to 24-month research fellowships. Additionally, the host institution receives an allowance in order to support the integration and career launch of the Philipp Schwartz Fellows. An extension of up to 12 months in the framework of a co-financing model is possible.

The internal deadline at the University of Regensburg for submitting a nomination is September 5, 2023.

Since the application process is centralized, endorsement by the Vice President for Internationalization and Diversity on behalf of the executive board of UR is required.

Please send the necessary documentation to: oswald.scheid@ur.de

(The Concept by the applicant institution for the creation of a sustainable support infrastructure for researchers at risk is available to the AvH from an already successful application and does not need to be resubmitted.)

⇒ Contact: schwartz-initiative@avh.de

Website: Philipp Schwartz Initiative

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