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Alumni platform of the Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Souteastern Europe

Connecting students and scientists who promote and foster the academic exchange between Bavaria and Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe is an essential duty of BAYHOST. Our alumni have participated in different BAYHOST programs and events:

  • Scholarship programs sponsored by the Free State of Bavaria and its partner countries in CEE

  • Exchange forums (e. g. Donauforum)

  • Internships

  • Summer Academy "German as a foreign language" (DaF)

  • Projects (e. g. "Welcome to Germany" for students from Serbia, German-Ukrainian seminars)

  • Mobility grants

Our aim is to support and enable the exchange between the former participants of these programs in order to build up a Europe-wide network. Through our alumni network we provide and distribute information regarding cooperation in research and teaching, events, funding, internships, job opportunities etc. In this regard our alumni are very welcome to contact us at any time.

An important element of our alumni network is the Alumni Academy that has been organized annually since 2011 and is financed by the DAAD. For further information please visit the project website (in German only).

Reports of former scholarship holders can be found here

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Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe

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