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Master Biology

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Since 2018, the Master of Science in Biology (M.Sc.) is in English and it is designed to deepen the scientific knowledge and is more strongly research-oriented than the bachelor program.

  • start of studies in the winter semester (mid October) or in the summer semester (April)
  • regular duration: 4 semesters
  • total of 120 credit points

The master's program includes three skills modules and three focus subjects, whereby one focus subject can be replaced by a secondary subject offered by other scientific faculties.

Application deadlines

  • 15th of June for a start in the winter semester
  • 15th of December for a start in the summer semester

Course of study

1. semester 2. semester 3. semester 4. semester

3 focus subjects


2 focus subjects + 1 secondary subject

(24 CP each subject)

master thesis

(30 CP; 9 months)

skills modules (18 CP)

Qualification and Application

Study program / Modules


Zusätzlicher Erwerb des MSc Biologie für Studierende des Lehramts

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