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First-year Students

Information for first-year students

Introductory sessions

Before the start of the winter and summer semester an introductory session for the master program is held. The dates are announced in the course catalogue https://campusportal.uni-regensburg.de


Please follow the link for the introductory video:

https://mediathek2.uni-regensburg.de/list/412 (Password: Regensburg)

Introductory session (without audio)

If you have any further questions please contact Elisabeth.Brunner@ur.de.

The Student Council of Biology and Biochemistry organize, before the start of the winter semester, an introductory session where new students from outside the University of Regensburg receive useful information. For the dates and program, see the website of the student council.

Selection of subjects and modules

Before starting your studies, please select your subjects and prepare your own schedule. For this you can use the Examples of schedules.

A list of subject and overviews of the programme you can find here!

If you need help preparing your schedule you can contact the programme coordinator Elisabeth.Brunner@ur.de.

If you need help by selecting your subjects or modules, you can contact the person responsible for the module. They can also help finding a research group for the laboratory course.

Please Note! Places in some focus or secondary subjects may be restricted. The acceptance for the master program is no assurance for a place in the desired subjects. Please inform yourself ahead of application if a place would be available in the desired subject. Please contact the person in charge well before the beginning of your studies.


Contact person
If any problems or questions arise please contact the program coordinator (Elisabeth Brunner).
E-Mail address
For correspondence with facilities of the university please use your student E-mail address which you receive when enrolling. Please regularly check your student E-mail account, as notifications of the university will only be sent to this E-mail address.

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