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What is onSET?

onSET is a standardized online language placement test for German (onSET-Deutsch) and English (onSET-Englisch). Only the onSET-Deutsch is offered at the test center of the Center for Language and Communication. Students can assess their general language skills in German as a foreign language. There are empirically proven correlations between all four major language skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing).

The test is conducted online and consists of gap filling texts. You can register online for an test date. The test is held at the licensed test center at the ZSK, supervised by examiners, and candidates receive their results immediately afterward. For more detailed information about onSET, visit the onSET homepage.

onSET is only meant to provide a quick and global assessment of your language skills. Therefore, the test is not suitable as proof of language proficiency when applying for University admission or within the context of a degree program.

How do I register for onSET?

Please register by filling out the form below. If you cannot register using the form, it may help to switch to a different browser or to register on a different computer.

Please note that the registration deadline falls on the day before the test. After registering, you will receive confirmation via email with important information about the test.

Test dates that have reached maximum capacity will not show up in this registration form.

Meeting point for the onSET test is the computer lab at the Center for Language and Communication (Room S 0.14B) in the Sammelgebäude.

How much does onSET cost?

onSET is a service provided by the "Gesellschaft für Akademische Studienvorbereitung und Testentwicklung e.V." (g.a.s.t.). As a licensed test center, the Center for Language and Communication is responsible for purchasing the transaction authentication numbers (TAN) for the test. These costs need to be covered by the candidates.

Universität Regensburg students pay €10 to take the exam. All other candidates pay €15 to take the test.

Exchange students or visiting students at Universität Regensburg or OTH Regensburg are exempt from having to pay this fee if they take the test on a central test date within the course of one semester. This central date is available for students who need to take a placement test before taking German courses at the Department of German as a Foreign Language. You do not need to register for these central dates using the registration form. You will be charged for any other test you choose to take within the course of one semester.

What does onSET look like?

onSET is based on the C-test principle. C-tests are written tests that use a gap filling method to assess general language skills. onSET is not a pass or fail exam, it serves only to assess a student’s language proficiency.

The onSET consists of eight gap filling texts covering different topics and varying degrees of difficulty. Each text is made up of 20 gaps. You have a maximum of 5 minutes to work on each text, the entire exam takes 40 minutes tops.

Each correct answer, i.e. each gap that is filled correctly, earns you one point. The sum of all your points is your onSET score. The score can range from 0 points (minimum) to 160 points (maximum). Your performance will be classified into level “below A2,” “A2,” “B1,” or “C1 (or higher)” based on the number of points you achieve. The levels are in line with the language levels specified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

How often can I repeat the onSET?

You can repeat the onSET as many times as you like. However, you do need to register anew for each onSET test you choose to take.

What should I bring for the test?

You have to present valid photo ID (passport, ID, or driver’s license) for identification purposes. If you wish to take advantage of the reduced fee for UR students, you will also have to present your student ID prior to the start of the test.

How can I prepare for the onSET?

onSET follows the C-test principle, a specific type of gap filling test which helps assess your current language skills no matter where you are in the world. The aim of onSET is to assess your current language proficiency without going through any special training or practice beforehand. That is why we do not offer any specific course to prepare candidates for the test. Still, before taking the test, you should try to familiarize yourself with the format of the test. By clicking on “sample test” you can practice by taking a gap filling test with four different texts. The texts for the onSET follow the same structure. Working on these texts is an easy way to prepare for the onSET.

How do I get my test score?

onSET Confirmation in the Candidate Portal

Your onSET confirmation, which contains your test score and placement according to the CEFR, is permanently stored in your candidate portal. You can access and print your confirmation at any time or save it as a PDF document. If you have taken the onSET more than once, you can check confirmation for each test you have taken.

Verifying Your onSET Confirmation

The authenticity of your confirmation can be verified by any institution to which you present it using a verification module specifically developed for onSET. The online address for verifying your confirmation can be found in the confirmation.

OnSET Registration Form (onSET-Deutsch)

Please note that the registration form will not show booked up exam dates.

If you already signed up for an exam and want to cancel it, thereby opening up a spot for someone else, please email us at onset@ur.de.