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DaF - German as a Foreign Language - Exams - UNIcert®

International students at Universität Regensburg and OTH Regensburg can obtain the interdisciplinary foreign language certificate UNIcert at level IV (C2) from the Department of German as a Foreign Language.

What is UNIcert®?

UNIcert® stands for foreign language training with a focus on higher education.

The UNIcert® system was created to facilitate standardized language training across different universities, ensure quality standards, and provide a level of language training that is able to compete internationally. This widely recognized certificate also makes a great addition to any resume and serves to highlight the ability of recent university graduates to become part of the international labor market.

One of the main objectives of UNIcert® language training is to enable students to deal with situations that require a certain level of proficiency in academic, professional, and technical language and terminology. UNIcert® also trains students in specific linguistic challenges to prepare them for jobs in higher education both at home and abroad.

UNIcert® is a vertically structured training program that serves to impart foreign language skills with a focus on higher education. The program is made up four performance levels, with each level corresponding to those specified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

  • B1: UNIcert® Level I
  • B2: UNIcert® Level II
  • C1: UNIcert® Level III
  • C2: UNIcert® Level IV

All details are regulated by Universität’s Regensburg UNIcert® exam regulations or the UNIcert® study regulations at the Center for Language and Communication.

UNIcert® IV Training Program

The UNIcert® IV training program is based on level C2 of the CEFR and comprises in-person lessons of about 10 semester hours per week (SWS). Upon completing the program, students receive a maximum of 18 credit points. It is divided into the following academic or skill-oriented courses.
The courses can be taken consecutively or at the same time.

  • Course 1: Working with Academic Texts, 4SWS
  • Course 2: Presenting and Discussing, 2 SWS
  • Course 3: Academic Language*), 2 SWS
  • Course 4: Academic Writing*), 2 SWS

*) There are different courses to choose from that can be accredited toward Course 3 or 4. These courses are marked accordingly in the UR Course Catalog.

Admission to UNIcert® Training Level IV

Admission to UNIcert® Training Level IV is based on the results of a language level assessment. To this end, candidates take a placement test before the start of their UNIcert® training.

It is not necessary to take the placement test if one of the following certificates is submitted before the start of UNIcert® IV training:

  • UNIcert® Certificate Deutsch als Fremdsprache Level III
  • Goethe-Zertifikat Deutsch C1 or C2
  • telc Deutsch C1 or C2
  • DSH-2 (at least 75%) or DSH-3
  • TestDaF score of at least 18
  • DSD II (C1 score in all parts of the exam)
  • ÖSD C1

Some candidates may also be exempt from taking a placement test if they can submit another recognized language certificate. The Examination Board makes the final decision on this. To apply for a waiver, please send a request to the UNIcert® Examination Board via the Director of the Department of German as a Foreign Language at least one week before the start of the training course.

UNIcert® IV Final Exam

The UNIcert® IV program concludes with a final exam which takes place once a year at the end of the summer semester. Please email the Chairman of the Examination Board to register for the final exam. You can find out relevant information about deadlines and dates on the “Dates” section under the News tab on our homepage.

The fee for the exam is €30.

The registration form is available from the Office of the Department of German as a Foreign Language.

The final exam consists of the following parts:

  • Listening comprehension (time: 50 minutes)
  • Reading comprehension (time: 120 minutes)
  • Written production (time: 100 minutes)
  • Oral production (time: 30 minutes)

After successfully completing the courses and passing the final exam, candidates receive their UNIcert® certificate at level IV with a focus on general academic language.