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Computer Science

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Fri. June 28, 2024, 4 p.m., virtual live lecture with Q&A session

Wed. July 3, 2024, 5 p.m., virtual live lecture with Q&A session

Studying Computer Science in Regensburg

The Bachelor Computer Science at the University of Regensburg

You will receive a broad computer science education that includes all core areas of the subject and covers future topics such as artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and cyber security.

In addition, our wide range of elective courses gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of subjects that are of particular interest to you. In addition to specialist knowledge in the field of computer science, you will also have the opportunity to acquire skills in teamwork and rhetoric.

All of this will prepare you for a successful career as a computer scientist, as well as provide a solid foundation for further studies at the master's level.

Here you are an all-rounder for the working world: blinkers were yesterday. You will receive a broad IT education that covers all future topics - from artificial intelligence to IT security. In addition, you will acquire skills in the areas of teamwork, eloquence, argumentation and more. Here you are leading the way: Whether networks or cryptography, voice assistants or data protection - our variety of electives allows you to focus on where your interests lie. Here you are world-changing: You are equipped with the latest knowledge from computer science research and always have an eye on its relation to society. Here you are brave in math: You are picked up where you are and learn exactly the math you need as a computer scientist.

Key data

Study type Full-time program | single-subject program
Place of study On-site studies at the University of Regensburg in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany. Participation in courses via video conferencing software is up to the individual course instructors.
ECTS credits 180
Admission requirements

University entrance qualification

Language skills in English at level CEFR B1. An overview of all the options for proving your B1 language skills in English is provided by the university's Center for Language and Communication.

Deadline for applications

The program is not subject to admission restrictions. Only international applicants are required to apply by July 15th. The university's International Office provides more information on the application process for international students.


By September 30th during the regular enrolment periods of the University of Regensburg

Start of programme October 1st
Standard period
of study
6 semesters or 3 years
Teaching language German with English components (The language course "English for Computer Science" in the first semester prepares students for this.)
Tuition fees None (semester fee only)
Degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

What makings do I need to have?

  • Interest in computer science topics
  • Pleasure in finding solutions to problems
  • The necessary mathematics and computer science skills are taught during the course of study

How is the degree program structured?

The B.Sc. degree program in Computer Science is divided into a compulsory area and an optional area. The following figure shows the proportion of individual topics and learning objectives within these areas:

What are the study contents?

The Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science provides you with a broad education in computer science with compulsory components in the field of general computer science (e.g., theoretical computer science, computer engineering, and programming) and compulsory components in future topics such as machine learning, data science, and IT security. In addition, the degree program offers you elective and specialization options. Depending on your interests and career goals, you can choose courses from the following subject areas (whereby a minimum proportion must be completed in General Computer Science):

  • General Computer Science (e.g., Introduction to Cryptography)
  • Data Science (e.g., Data Engineering)
  • Human Information Behavior (e.g., Recommender Systems)
  • Media Informatics (e.g., Multimedia Technology)
  • Management Information Systems (e.g., Digital Business)
  • Economics (e.g., Production Management)
  • Jurisprudence (e.g., Private Digital Law)

The mathematics component is tailor-made: The mathematics components required for computer science are precisely tailored to the respective computer science courses of a semester. Instead of a comprehensive mathematics exam at the end of a semester, our students take two smaller partial exams each time.

You can find a detailed list of study contents in the following course outline:

Is an internship compulsory?

When you study Computer Science at the University of Regensburg, you have freedom of choice when it comes to internships: There are no compulsory internships as part of the degree program. However, you can have a voluntary internship accredited in the compulsory elective area.

Regardless of whether you complete an internship or not, the degree program has a high practical component and prepares you for your career entry. Lectures are accompanied by tutorials and you will carry out a project independently in a team of fellow students.

Which master's degree program can I follow up with?

After completing the B.Sc. in Computer Science, you have a variety of options to continue with a master's degree.

At the University of Regensburg, for example, the following degree programs would be suitable:

  • M.Sc.  Management Information Systems,
  • M.Sc. Media Informatics,
  • M.A. Information Science
  • or M.A. Digital Humanities 

By the winter semester of 2026/27 at the latest, the master's degree programs "Computer Science" and "Data Science" will also be established.

The broad computer science education in the bachelor's program also allows you to transfer to other German or international universities.

What are my career prospects?

The degree program equips students with skills and qualifications that are in extremely high demand in the job market - both on a national and international level: the design and development of software and hardware in general, but also with regard to future topics, such as machine learning, cyber security, digitization, and artificial intelligence.

Computer science is the field of work of the future, as digitalization is and will remain relevant in almost all professions. After your studies, you can work in a variety of areas like research institutions, government agencies and companies. Examples of careers include programmer, software developer, system administrator, web developer, IT consultant, game designer, IT project manager, cyber security consultant, data scientist, UI designer and database developer.

The aim of the Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science at the University of Regensburg is to qualify students for a career in the field of Computer Science as well as for a further Master's degree program.

Why study computer science at the University of Regensburg?

We live the future by combining a sound education in general computer science with future topics such as artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction and IT security right from the Bachelor's degree.

We live flexibility by offering a wide range of electives that allow you to freely design a good third of your degree program.

We live responsibility through the close and intensive supervision of our students.

We live variety by offering a wide range of teaching formats.

We live the hands-on experience with a high percentage of programming courses in our degree program.

We live career opportunities by teaching key skills such as communication skills and team and time management, thus enabling our students to develop personally and prepare comprehensively for their career entry.

We live diversity with a balanced proportion of women among our professors and with lecturers who have professional experience in a wide range of countries.

How can I enroll?

Admission requirements

The bachelor's degree program in Computer Science is not subject to admission restrictions. If you have a German university entrance qualification (e.g. general or subject-linked higher education entrance qualification), you can enroll in the Computer Science bachelor's degree program without applying during the university's regular enrollment period.

If you are professionally qualified or have completed your schooling abroad, the information on university admission on the website of the Student Office will help you.

In order to prepare you for an international working environment as well as for a semester abroad, some courses are offered in English. In addition to the university entrance qualification, you must therefore also prove that you can speak English at least at the level of an advanced beginner (level B1 of the European Framework of Reference). Generally, you fulfill this requirement if you have the "allgemeine Hochschulreife" ("Abitur") (then you probably even have level B2 in English). You can provide proof of your language skills, for example, with a "Abitur" diploma that shows the required language level. An overview of all the options for proving your B1 language skills in English is provided by the university's Center for Language and Communication.

Please note: For international applicants, please apply for the start of studies in the winter semester by July 15th at the latest. For further information, please visit the website of the International Office.


Information about the enrollment deadlines can be found on the website of the Student Office (Attention: only from July).

International applicants must apply by July 15th if they wish to study in the winter term. Further information can be found on the website of the International Office. In this case, enrollment will take place after successful application.


If you are interested in enrolling at the University of Regensburg, you can find detailed information on the Student Office website on how to proceed with the enrollment process.

Any more questions?

Student advisory service "Computer Science at UR"

Ulrike Allouche

Phone 0941 943-5097

E-mail studienberatung.informatik@ur.de

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