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How do I apply for a study program at UR?

University Entrance Qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung/HZB)

International applicants need a so-called direct university entrance qualification to be able to study in Germany. They often acquire this entitlement with the completion of secondary school, which qualifies them for studies in their home country. In other cases, a high school diploma is not sufficient and the applicants must additionally prove one to two years of study at a university in their home country.

Preparatory College/ Studienkolleg

International applicants who do not have direct entrance to higher education in Germany (because their previous school and study achievements are not considered equivalent to the German Abitur) can prepare specifically for their studies at the Studienkolleg. The Studienkolleg can only be participated in after passing the entrance examination. Places at the Studienkolleg are limited and in great demand, and applicants must prepare themselves for the entrance examination independently (UR does not offer preparation courses for the entrance examination).

The Studienkolleg Munich is responsible for all universities in Bavaria. Nevertheless, the application is made via the university at which one would like to study later.

Please inform yourself about the requirements for the study qualification suitable for your academic background. Information on this can be obtained from the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal States as well as from the DAAD.


Continue to the Website of the Studienkolleg München

Database of the Standing Conference of Education Ministers in German (anabin)

Interactive Database of the DAAD in English (not all countries included)

Application Process

The application for a study program at the UR is mostly addressed directly to the university. Only in certain combinations of nationality and field of study is it necessary to apply through a central service office.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you follow specific procedures and steps of the faculties. For this purpose, we have compiled information on application procedures, lists of subjects with deadlines and country-specific information for you in our download section.

Application for undergraduate studies: the application is submitted centrally via the online platform Campusportal.

Application for postgraduate studies (i.e. Master): Applicants first submit their application directly to the relevant institute. Each institute decides on the aptitude test and the application procedure. After admission, applicants are asked to complete the registration process via Campusportal.

⇒ Information on application procedures in download under the "Application" tab

Which language certificate is required for the program I want to persue?

Application Deadlines

General application deadlines for bachelor's degree, state examination, German preparatory course:

  • 15th January for the summer semester
  • 15th July for the winter semester

Application deadlines for master's and dual degree programs:

  • The faculties decide directly on these deadlines and additional aptitude tests.
  • Please note the deadlines on the course offerings page (Central Academic Advisory Service).

What happens after you submit your application?

The UR application offie will review your application as soon as possible. The official decision is available as a pdf file in the Campusportal. If you receive an admission, you will find all information about the necessary next steps explained in the admission letter (acceptance of the place, semester fee, enrollment).

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