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Documents and Information Sheets for International Applicants and Students

Before Applying

Lists of Subjects and Information Brochures

All subjects, first degree and postgraduate studies/Master's degree with information on the required German level

List of subjects offered at UR (undergraduate), pdf

List of subjects offered at UR (graduate), pdf

Information brochures of the student advisory service on individual subjects

Country-specific information

Please check the database of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (anabin) for your country-specific application requirements.

Database of the Standing Conference of Education Ministers in German (anabin)

Interactive Database of the DAAD in English (not all countries included)

Please contact Ms. Wunderlich at the International Office for advice.

Acquiring German Language Skills

⇒ List of language schools in Regensburg, pdf

For Application

Application Procedure

The application for a study program at the UR is mostly adressed directly to the university. Only in certain combinations of nationality and field of study is it necessary to apply through a central service office.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you follow the procedures and steps specified in the info sheets below

Application Documents

Please pay extra attention to the info sheets!

Checklist application process

Completion help for online application

Application for the Studienkolleg

Checklist application procedure for the Studienkolleg

Applying for a Masters degree

Master's applications must still be sent directly to the relevant faculty. Only after admission by the faculty, online registration will then still be necessary at a later date.

Recognition of Foreign Academic Achievements

In the subjects of human medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, official recognition of previous academic achievements is required in order to submit an application for a higher semester.

Recognition of academic credits in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy (in German)

For all other subjects:

Apply for the first semester and have achievements recognized by the respective examination office after enrollment.

Tutorial Video Application

In the following tutorial you will learn how the application works.


After Admission

Congratulations on your admission!!!

  We look forward to welcoming you on our campus soon.

Select the appropriate option for important information


Admission Study Program                        Admission German Courses

When Studying

Study and Campus

⇒ Studying: Course registration, exams and more (Video-Tutorial)

⇒ Study strategies

Study-related foreign language training

Academic writing consultation

Examination regulations

Living in Regensburg


Health insurance

⇒ Handout on labor law

Forms of the city of Regensburg

  1. UR International Office

Coming to Regensburg

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