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Admission German Course

When receiving your notification of admission, you get one step closer to your desired language courses at the University of Regensburg. Until you can actually use your student ID card and your university account, some steps need to be taken: firstly, accepting the offered place for your study program and secondly, enrolling.

1. Accepting the offer (=online enrollment) until February 28th

The online enrollment as well as the payment of the semester fee confirm that you are accepting your offered place for the study program and want to enroll. At this point, you will not receive your student ID yet.   

Important indications:

  • The deadlines for this step will be written on the notification of admission (first page) and have to be kept. Otherwise, the UR will assume that you are not interested in accepting your offered study place.
  • If you are not able to transfer your payment in the designated period due to very important reasons, please contact the “Studentenkanzlei“/ student office directly at application.international@ur.de
  • Transfer your semester fee before the deadline ends to avoid any delays. Please pay attention that the "purporse of payment" of the money transfer is exactly the same as the one given in your notification of admission. Otherwise, there can occur problems to match your payment and your request to enroll.
  • Health insurance status: If you do not yet have health insurance coverage in Germany, select "exempted" in the corresponding question in Campusportal. You then will have time to submit the insurance certificate until the end of September.

The following video tutorial explains the online imma step by step:


2. Einrollment (postal submit of documents) until March 20th

Enrolling is the last formal step on your way to start your studies. In this step, the “Studentenkanzlei”/ student office will first check all of your documents and collect your data in a folder, and then assign you a “RZ-Account” to use all of the digital systems of the University Regensburg as well as creating your student ID card.

But only after completing your online application and enrollment successfully and on time, you will be able to get to this step.

At the moment, the enrollment can only be completed and sent by post.

Which documents are needed? 

  • Request for Enrollment
  • Proof of Payment
  • Health Insurance Certificate (will be sent by the insurance directly to the UR)
  • Certified Copies of School Reports/ Certificates


Request for Enrollment

This document is available at the online application portal (“Campusportal”) after accepting your offered study place and enrolling online. Please click on the “print” button underneath the box showing your subject and application status.

Print out the document and add your German address by hand with a pen on the first page. Please do not forget to sign the document at the end of the page.

You do not have an address in Germany yet? Please contact the “Studentenkanzlei” / student office at application.international@ur.de and explain your situation to ask for an extension of the deadline to send in your documents.


Proof of Payment

Please transfer your semester fee to the University Regensburg during the period of the online enrollment. The bank account information can be found on the notification of admission. We also need a proof of the transfer, for example an online banking document or a picture/ copy of the transfer slip.


Health Insurance Certificate

You can only enroll at the University of Regensburg when you are able to prove your health insurance with a “Krankenversicherungsbestätigung”/ health insurance certificate.

The healtch insurance certificate for enrollment must be submitted electronically by a German statutory health insurance company to the Studentenkanzlei. The exact name of the document is „Versicherungsbescheinigung für die (Immatrikulation an einer) Hochschule“. You must resquest the certificate from the health insurance company whilst you submitt all other enrollment documents.

The following documents will not be accepted:

  • Scan/ Copy of your EHIC-Card
  • Certificate of Membership of a Health Insurance
  • Conclusion of Contract Documents

We prepared a very detailed information sheet for this. Please make sure to read the information sheet before sending your documents to us. Starting March, you can find further information and explanations regarding the topic health insurance in the online course “Startklar” as well.


Certified Copies of School Reports/ Certificates

  • School Leaving Certificate including an overview of your grades in the original language
  • Sworn translation of your school leaving certificate including an overview of your grades (if needed)
  • University Degree Certificate including an overview of your grades in the original language
  • Sworn translation of your university degree certificate including an overview of your grades (if needed)
  • German Language Certificate

If the original language of your documents is German, English or French, no translation is needed.

In the leaflet about official certification you can find more information on what kinds of legalizations/certifications are accepted.

How can you send your documents to the UR?

Please send your documents printed out in paper directly to the “Studentenkanzlei” / student office:

Universität Regensburg


Universitätsstraße 31

D-93053 Regensburg

It is not necessary to send the documents by registered mail.

When do your documents have to arrive at the UR?

The „Studentenkanzlei“ / student office should receive your documents until March 15th, 2023.

Please notice: Enrollment is expected to begin mid-March after the documents have been reviewed. Even if you send your documents to the students office earlier, you will not receive a response until the end of March.

If you are not able to send in your documents in the designated period due to very important reasons, please contact the “Studentenkanzlei“/ student office directly  (application.international@ur.de) and explain your situation to ask for an extension of the deadline to send in your documents.

What happens, if the documents are not complete or formally correct?

The average processing time is 3 weeks.

If the “Studentenkanzlei” / student office notices any missing or incorrect documents, you will receive a notification via email. Therefore, it is really important that you check your email account and its junk email folder regularly to make sure you do not miss any important emails.

3. Receiving your UR Card and Account

Once you have been successfully enrolled, you will see the status "enrolled" under Application Status in your Campusportal account.

Later, you will receive your student ID card via post at the address you entered during the application process (provided this address is in Germany).

If you do not have an address in Germany yet, your student ID card will be kept until you tell us your new address after arriving in Germany. The access information for your digital UR account will be sent to you via email.

The UR student ID card and the digital UR account will only be sent to you after enrolling successfully, meaning all of your documents were correct and received on time.

Important information regarding the next steps towards the start of your degree course at UR. Click on the corresponding picture for more.

  Health Insurance

  • Information                                  
  • Contact data of offices in Regensburg
  • Health insurance for enrollment


  • Registration                                   
  • STARTKLAR Tutors
  • Schedule and activities

  Preparatory German Courses

  • General information
  • Levels and placement test
  • Accepted certificates
  • Course dates

  Visa and Residence Permit

   Finding accommodation

  • Student dormitories
  • Searching for accommodation on your own
  • Mandatory Broadcasting fee

  Orientation on Campus

  • Campus Map

  • Hörsäle (Lecture halls)

  • CIP-Pools (Computer rooms)         

  Join the Buddy Program!

  • Get a head start at the UR
  • You will be connected with another international degree-seeking student as your "senior buddy"
  • Meet other international students at social events

You can register by sending an e-mail with your name and the name of your degree program to international.startklar@ur.de

Further Informationen for international students at the UR

  1. UR International Office

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