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International Student Employment and Progress Support

iSTEPS is a project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which is implemented by the International Office of the UR. The main objective is to promote holistic university projects that help to create clear transition structures for international graduates (from German universities) into the German labor market by increasing the academic success and employability of international graduates and building networks. 


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Compact German Course in September

Students of English master's programs can learn German in our compact course.

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How to: job search, job interviews and salary negotiation

When: 12th July, 2024 at 4pm.

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Program Theme Clusters

3 Modules of iSTEPS

Theme Cluster: Study Progress

Counselling for Language Learning & Study Strategies

The language learning counselling service offers international students individual counselling sessions providing assistance with autonomous learning and the development of suitable learning strategies. With the help of the learning counsellor, for example, learning goals are determined, learning plans drawn up, learning strategies developed and learning progress tracked. With regard to the organisation of studies, aspects of student life that are culturally different are discussed and strategies for coping with them are developed.

⇒ German as a Foreign Language department (link will be available soon)

Pronunciation Coaching

A strong ‘foreign’ accent can lead to prejudice and devaluation. Good pronunciation, on the other hand, leads to greater social acceptance and also to better chances of entering the professional world. For this reason, customised individual pronunciation coachings were established for international students with German language skills of at least level B1. You can register for the first appointment using an online form, further appointments can be arranged after the first coaching session.

⇒ German as a Foreign Language department (link will be available soon)

Writing Tutors

International students who need support in the academic writing process are supported at the Centre for Language and Communication (ZSK). During the initial counselling session, the specific problem area and the desired language (German or English) are discussed in order to match students with suitable tutors.

Centre for Language and Communication.

Orientation Counselling to Improve Academic Success

The orientation counselling aims to help international students who struggle with different aspects of their studies individually. International students who take part in the preparatory German courses or the ‘Startklar’ orientation programme
are offered individualised help for study-related measures. International students who have problems during their course of study and have doubts about their academic success, e.g. due to language deficits, mental health or financial problems, are actively supported by various counselling centres at the university.

For the orientation counselling, please make an appointment in advance (the International Office offers consultation hours every Monday with prior appointments).

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Theme Cluster: Employability

Lectures and Workshops on Employment and Job Applications

Lectures on the framework conditions of working life in Germany, e.g. job search with social media, self-employment, social security system in Germany, interculturality at the workplace, labour and residence law, are offered annually and will be further supplemented. In addition, interactive workshops are offered to help international students with the content requirements for application documents, self-presentation in job interviews and soft skills.

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Next Lecture: How to: job search, job interviews and salary negotiation

When: 12th July, 2024 at 4pm

Registration online: see our registration form

Workshop Series “Intercultural Rhetoric“

Taking into account the specific needs of international students, this workshop series aims to help students to be enabled to fulfil the diverse requirements of intercultural communication in different contexts. The series consists of 3 workshops, which are offered in consecutive semesters and earn 3 ECTS if successfully completed. The planned workshops will focus on topics such as the basics of intercultural communication, working in multicultural teams, meeting management, lecturing and presenting, discussing and negotiating or assessment centres.

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Weekend seminar ‘Fit for the Job’

The seminar is offered once a year and covers a wide range of topics relating to starting a career in the form of presentations and informal discussions in small groups. In addition, international alumni of the UR are invited to report on their experiences of starting a career and to be available for a Q&A session. Students can also have their application photos taken free of charge and network over dinner.

The first seminar will approximately take place in May 2025.

Compact German Course for Communication at the Workplace

The four-week compact course with 26 lessons per week takes place in March and September before the start of the lecture period and is offered for students enrolled in English Master's programs. Depending on their starting level, international students can take one or more levels spread over several semesters. Course placement takes place via the OnSet placement test on the first day of the course. Additionally, participants who have completed the German compact course at level B1, B2 or C1 can take the telc B1, telc B2 or telc C1 certificate examination free.

Registration information and form

Theme Cluster: Transitioning into the German Labor Market

Development of a Network of International UR Alumni

The International Office is currently in the process of creating a LinkedIn group for international UR alumnis. Alumni activities at the UR (which are predominantly subject-specific) have so far not explicitly focussed on international students and their potential. Because there has been no centralised pooling of contacts of international alumni who have successfully started their careers in Germany at the International Office so far, this LinkedIn group will facilitate networking and open new job or internship possibilities for international students.

Further information will be available soon.

Expansion of Job Fair

The existing job fair ‘Karriere-Kontakte’ has so far primarily addressed German students. In future, the companies represented are to be motivated to explicitly include international students (also from English-language Master's programmes) as a target group through information on possible communication languages in everyday working life, on the international focus of company activities, on onboarding and mentoring measures for internationals, as well as specific presentations.

Orientation Counselling and Coaching for Career Entry

The aim of the expert coaching sessions is to explore viable career prospects in one-on-one discussions and to develop strategic plans for career entry. The first appointments are available starting the end of July 2024, please make an appointment in advance by contacting international.steps@ur.de.

Please anwer the following questions and send us a CV in your email, so that the coach can prepare for your individual concerns:

  • Your name
  • Your degree program
  • Current language level in German & English
  • Why are you studying at the University of Regensburg?
  • Have you already set yourself professional goals?
    • If so, which ones?
  • What career and application issues are you currently struggling with?
  • What wishes, questions or concerns do you have for the individual coaching?

If you have further application documents (for example a cover letter) which you would like to discuss, you can attach them as well.

Case-specific Assistance regarding Immigration Law

Aspects of immigration law play an important role in the prospect of staying in Germany. This case-specific counselling, which may include support in communicating with the authorities, can in many cases lead to faster processing of applications and avoid long waiting times for the issue of suitable residence and work permits. If needed, potential employers will also be provided with information on immigration regulations so that obstacles to employment (due to lack of knowledge/concerns about immigration law) can be removed.

For the assistance regarding immigration law, please make an appointment in advance (the International Office offers consultation hours every Monday with prior appointments).

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Contact Person in the International Office


Jhoana Palacio Pineda

Project Coordinator iSTEPS

Administration Building, room 0.12

Phone +49 (0)941 943-5863

Details regarding office hours and appointments

  1. UR International Office

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