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Study/Living Costs

What costs should I expect?

When calculating the cost of studying in Germany, two factors are important: tuition fees and cost of living.

Cost of Living

You can expect the following fixed costs per month:

  •  Rent: at least 250,- € to 400,- €
  •  Health insurance: approx. 100,- €
  •  Monthly broadcasting fee: approx. 18,- €
  •  For a meal in the university canteen you will pay approx. 4,- €.

In order to receive a residence permit to study in Germany, you must prove to the Foreigners' Registration Office in your place of residence that you have enough money to live in Germany.

Tuition Costs

There are no tuition fees in Bavaria.

Depending on your field of study, you will have to reckon with certain material expenses for books, etc.

In addition, you have to pay the so-called "Semesterbeitrag" (semester fee) of €181 (as of SS 24) every semester at the university. This fee includes a semester ticket . This allows you to use all buses in the city area and within the zones of the Verkehrsverbund RVV (including trains).

For the preparatory German course, course fees of approximately € 530,- per semester (as of WS21) have to be paid.

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