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Health Insurance

Do I need health insurance coverage for my studies?

For general information on health insurance and social security agreements with the EU and other countries, please see Life in Regensburg: Formalities (please be sure to read through it first!).

Health Insurance for Enrollment

All foreign students need sufficient health insurance coverage for enrollment and residence, otherwise enrollment cannot be completed. The document accepted by the UR for enrollment is called "Versicherungsbescheinigung für die Einschreibung/Hochschule" / "Insurance Certificate for Enrollment/Higher Education".

Regardless of your personal insurance status, you will always need this document from a German statutory health insurance company to enroll at UR.

Even in the case that you do not take out insurance coverage in Germany (e.g., because you have an EHIC or private health insurance), you will need to present a document with the exemption of health insurance obligations from a German statutory health insurance.

⇒  Information Sheet: How do I obtain a health insurance certificate?

Insurance for Participation in the German Course

Participants in the German course may have to observe special regulations regarding health insurance. Please ask Ms Wunderlich at the International Office for advice.

Private Health Insurance

If you are over 30 years old, you need a private health insurance. Information about private health insurance that is recognized by the Foreigners' Registration Office in Regensburg can be obtained from Ms Wunderlich at the International Office.

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